Beat Dangan Ronpa, again


Just beat story mode on Vita version ^^

I beat it pretty fast unlike my first time playing on PSP version (years ago) where I checked every single objects and talked to every characters in every opportunities. This time I just did the bare essentials to move the story forward. These extras don’t contribute much to the story, anyway.

I did read the main story carefully though, which is why I can go through the trials no problem (although I did read my old posts and my impression back then was also that this game is more straightforward than say Ace Attorney).

And although there may be hidden coins in objects, I find that it’s more efficient to do trials to earn coins.

Anyway, gotta say the story is amazing till the end X)

Now I feel like playing Super Dangan Ronpa 2 again (since I already forgot the details lol) to compare which is better, this game or the sequel. I think I like the first one better, though the second up amped up the ****ed-upness too.

There’s a trophy for collecting 999 coins, and it doesn’t count coins spent on buying presents or unlocking extras. As a result, I don’t use the coins and forewent buying presents to increase relationships in main story.

The thing is, on Vita version, there is now an extra mode called School Mode, which is equivalent to Super Dangan Ronpa 2’s Island Mode, which gives ample opportunities to increase relationships (so you don’t have to replay the main story).

I have about 850 coins now, so I probably need to do 2 more trials.

After I got the 999-coins trophy, I would spend them all on presents and extras (hopefully it’s enough lol ^^;)

And after that, guess I’ll do School Mode. I have a few ideas how to tackle this resource management game from my experience with Super Dangan Ronpa 2’s Island Mode.

Unlike the second game, the first game doesn’t have more extra modes and trophies to collect.


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