Dangan Ronpa School Mode [2]

Completed all characters last night.


It was annoying that you couldn’t skip to the end ^^;

(I completed on day 30 but had to tough it out till day 51)

So that was it for Dangan Ronpa portion of Dangan Ronpa 1 2 Reload.

In Super Dangan Ronpa 2, I still have to do similar mode, a mini action game and a ‘novel’ -.-”

The UI seems to be faster in Super Dangan Ronpa 2, at least…

I tried the mini action game and apparently you control Monomi. You defeat enemies by ‘encircling’ them with magic. I thought the concept was pretty interesting but the game’s implementation feels unpolished at times.

I read the novel, Dangan Ronpa If, a bit and apparently it’s a what-if scenario of the first game ^^; It’s just text on background with no character sprites though. No idea how long the novel is but can’t wait to read how different this alternative scenario is (probably someone who died in original scenario survives in this one).


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