God Eater 2 v1.2


Picked up God Eater 2 again since v1.2 update is released last night.

There is a new episode (a few missions with stories). Without spoiling the details, the story has its cool moments, but it’s also weird ^^; (another ‘only Japanese can pull this off without being crushed by shame’ kind of plot)

The new Aragami is called (by some English players in message boards) Blitz Hannibal. During Adhoc Party, Japanese players call it 神速ハンニバル (‘Godspeed’ Hannibal). Maybe there’s an official name but I’m too lazy to check lol. True to the names, it’s a Hannibal that moves very fast (maybe 2x the normal speed?). It’s also immune to Hold effect (the developers don’t want it raped by Wild Laoyang users, I guess ^^;)

I managed to create all new weapons from its materials. Low physical stats but very high God elemental stat, which sadly make these weapons not all-purpose. The skills increase attack power when low on health, make you enter Burst state when an ally falls, and increase movement speed.



The New Year challenge missions accompanying this update obviously serve as playgrounds for these weapons, with many Aragamis there weak against God elemental and deal ridiculous damage (make you low on health or kill you in one-hit, triggering the skills).

The challenge missions also give materials that allow v1.1 new ‘berserk’ weapons (purchasable from shops) to be upgraded to a different rank 11 branch. Very high physical stats, higher than previous rank 11 branch, and they give very large boosts to physical attacks and increase Blood Arts effectiveness, but all during Burst only.



The new missions also give materials for new upgrade units, though I haven’t been bothered to check them out yet.

Gotta say, despite these berserk weapons looking very powerful, I feel difficult to give up on the Hold effect of Wild Laoyang sword, or being able to break enemy body parts easily with Granite Tombstone. Guess I’m gonna try them out in Adhoc Party where it’s pretty easy to maintain level 3 Burst throughout the mission.

I like the new year costumes though. I think it suits my Maki well ^^


Also, part of Ciel’s charm is that she’s attractive (to me) despite being properly dressed, like Reanbell from Resonance of Fate, so seeing her in a more revealing outfit feels kinda weird ^^;


I also met a couple of Japanese players who have Ciel costume from God Eater Magazine DLC. Pretty jealous… -_-


Gotta try out a few things and after that I’m done with the game till the next update, I guess ^^;


6 thoughts on “God Eater 2 v1.2

  1. Sakari

    Everytime i start my updated Gods Eater 2, it shows a text that it’s been updating. Am I going to wait long for it to finish or I need to do something? Please help. :(


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