Dangan Ronpa 1 2 Reload Platinum

Finally platinum’ed the game.


After beating Dangan Ronpa’s School Mode and Super Dangan Ronpa 2’s Island Mode, I was left with the novel Dangan Ronpa If and mini-game Mahou Shoujo Miracle Monomi.


The novel didn’t turn out to be very long; about 600 (or 700) screens of text.

It’s a pretty cool what-if scenario; it even takes advantage of details and easter eggs from the first game.


The mini-game on other hand… basically, enemies randomly drop equipments, and the last trophy standing between me and platinum was to collect all 60 equipments. There was not much I could do other than getting lucky. The enemies drop duplicate equipments too, so it doesn’t get easier; sometimes I feel like curb-stomping these developers who think that putting random elements in order to prolong gameplay is a good idea.

The mini-game is pretty unpolished too. The jump is too slippery, the hitboxes for the enemies are too small, and there is a type of enemies that you can’t do nothing about when they stray to the edge.

But yeah… one more game down. Now I wonder if I should switch to my PS3 backlog… or stick to Vita lol


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