Persona 4 Golden continue


Decided to pick up Persona 4 Golden again.

It’s my first RPG game on Vita, after all.

I’m kinda hesitant on buying new RPGs now (like the recent Final Fantasy X & X2 HD Remaster) because I never seem to complete them. Besides this game, I also have the 3 Arland Atelier games that I never get far at all (as if I’m just collecting them lol), Neptune Re;Birth 1 and Conception II.

Anyway, I beat Persona 4 Golden on my own for the first time, and I missed quite a number of things like facing the secret boss, maxing social links, etc.

Before I stopped, I was in the middle of following the Japanese official guidebook on my second playthrough. If I followed the guidebook and beat this playthrough, I should get the following:

– Defeat Vita-exclusive boss
– Max all social links
– Read all books
– Make 5 successful bentos
– Fish legendary fish

Which is quite a number of trophies.

So yeah, I’m planning to complete this second playthrough. Then if I decide to still stick with this game, further clean up on next playthroughs (like that elusive Rise fan trophy).


2 thoughts on “Persona 4 Golden continue

  1. OshareKeiji

    If there’s anything that can be learned from the Persona games starting from 3, it’s that trying to get everything in just one playthrough is utterly taxing, not to mention pointless.

    Better to do cleanup on a second run where you don’t have as many things to juggle.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yep, on my first playthrough I didn’t consult the guide at all. I just play it the way I want, go for the characters I like etc ^^

      There is a trophy for maxing all social links though. It should be easier now that I’ve maxed the MC stats, but nevertheless there are some points I need to be careful at or I might miss it completely.

      Can’t say I really enjoy following the guide’s day-by-day instructions on what to do, but it’s something I set on doing before but stopped halfway ^^;

      I’m sure there are things left to do even after following the guide, and I’ll just leave them for next playthroughs instead of worrying now ^^


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