Persona 4 Golden Progress 2

Managed to get the trophy for making 5 successful bentos


Some of the dishes described do feel delicious ^^;

Managed to defeat Vita-exclusive boss that I somehow missed on my first playthrough.

The dungeon is pretty interesting that you have a separate inventory (and you can’t access your usual inventory). The SP are continuously low in the dungeon, and you can find rings that replenish your SP after every battle turn.

There is a funny skiing event scene new to Vita (since it’s a prelude to Vita boss) where the main character and Rise were stranded in a cottage during snowstorm (since I chose Rise as partner). The other characters found them but suspected they were doing it lol:







Made me curious the other scenes if I partner with different characters, but unfortunately I didn’t save right before the event ^^;

And it went without saying, I managed to max all social links X)

Also managed to defeat the secret boss (this one is not Vita exclusive).

I guess I picked the right character for the party; Naoto has a skill that shields everyone from one attack. It costs a lot of SP, though. Also, fortunately I made my characters learn the ‘true evade’ skills, so when the boss targets certain character’s weakness, it’s a good chance that he/she can evade it.

Managed to collect every Persona…

I wished to say it was fun, but it’s not ^^; I found out that I had made 80% of them, and I needed to make the rest of 20%. Mostly I was just missing the strongest Persona of each arcana, but apparently there are 2-3 arcanas which Persona can’t be collected in battles, so the only way is to synthesize them. And the synthesis is kinda annoying when the results are not the ones you want (need to muck up the level of one of the Persona etc).

Izanagi No Ookami is cool but it’s actually weaker than my standard Izanagi lol.


(Since I keep using standard Izanagi and almost max every of his stats)

Didn’t know you can also make ‘dark’ Magatsu Izanagi:


Maybe I should use him after I maxed standard Izanagi ^^

Also managed to get trophy for the quiz mini-game. There actually 3 quiz events, each event 20 questions. I basically use ‘screen capture and look up the guide’ method ^^;


I didn’t try to answer all 20 questions though. I just let the other characters catch up and only increase my score when they’re near ^^;

So I’m actually left with only one bronze trophy, which is to hear 250 battle quotes from Rise. I’ll have to leave this for next playthrough (I missed it, since she has quite a number of quotes before she learned the enemy scan ability, from raising her social link to rank 2).

It means I have to defeat the final boss of this playthrough and play until I reach her on next playthrough ^^;

So close yet so far… -.-;

But I intend to enjoy getting this last trophy ^^ you gotta experiment with various things to make her speak different lines and I think it’s pretty interesting X)

I gotta say, the amount of care and details that has been put into this game is off-the-charts. Persona 5 would need to cross a very high bar…

Edit: just beaten the game and I was in for a surprise. Apparently there is an extended epilogue, and it’s pretty awesome. I checked the net and it’s called ‘Golden epilogue’ (exclusive for Vita version). It’s unlocked by beating Vita boss in addition to getting True Ending.


2 thoughts on “Persona 4 Golden Progress 2

  1. OshareKeiji

    Ookami’s only gonna be halfway decent if you take the time to give him those stat boosters and Magician Cards to convert his skills in All-Target (Ma-) ones.

    Even so, it’s not worth the hassle since lesser Persona can be given better builds. The best part about Golden is you can actually pick skills manually instead of relying on random shuffles and having to plan skill inheritance/noise reduction two to three steps down the line to cope with affinity filters like with the original PS2 game.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, yep, my friend who played Persona 4 on PS2 told me how 大変 the original version was lol ^^

      Also, can’t register Ookami to compendium so would have to level him everytime after transmigration


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