Fate/stay night Vita skip


So yeah, I decided to ‘skip’ the game. By that I mean instead of reading the story properly, I just fast forwarded the text to complete it.

I was apparently near the end of the first route when I stopped. But I just reset the game and followed all the routes in this wiki: http://h1g.jp/fatevita/

Even doing so it still took time to complete ^^; It feels weird seeing the text advancing every frame and yet it could still take a long time before it stopped to give some choices.

The last tricky trophy was Scenario Complete, which requires all scenes to be read. Luckily after you beat all the routes, the flowchart is completely open so you can tell which scenes are unread.

Then I basically did the ‘make a new save every choice, and go backward if need to’ method.

There are quite a number of tricky scenes to unlock. Especially during Sakura’s route, there is a scene which trigger is 5 days away, and it’s not even an important scene.

I have no desire to properly read the story as I find it prolonged, dragged, slow-paced, full of fillers and in Japanese, 自慢すぎる. Maybe it’s excellent at its time, but like Type Moon’s other work, Kara no Kyoukai, I can’t help but think that it’s full of crap, and worse it takes sweet time to elaborate the crap ^^;

The story is probably better read in other forms like anime and manga adaptation where the unnecessary parts have hopefully been stripped away, and that it moves at a more reasonable pace.

I know Sakura’s route is the only one that doesn’t have any adaptation yet, and one of my friends told me it’s the best part, so maybe one day I would read it.

For now, I just want to clear some trophies and keep this game off my mind ^^;

Interestingly, while I was playing this, a related news appeared where its sequel, Fate/hollow ataraxia, is being ported to Vita with addition of voices.

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