Upcoming Game: Super Heroine Chronicle

Soon Super Heroine Chronicle is going to be released on Vita and PS3 (6th Feb 2014).


I think I might skip this game though since I find myself not a big fan of SRPG ^^;

The only SRPGs I’ve ever beaten are Project X Zone, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume and Bomberman Wars.

And I don’t know most of the heroines except the Higurashi characters. Besides them, I recognize Infinite Stratos, Super Sonico and Zero no Tsukaima, but know nothing more about them ^^;

Also, quite a number of them are either a little kiddy or too old-anime-style to my taste ^^;

I also haven’t beaten the developer’s previous game, Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos, another reason not to buy this game lol

But I won’t be surprised if I throw away all rational thoughts, change my mind and buy this game lol… The とりあえず mentality ^^;

Official site: http://shc.channel.or.jp


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