Rise fan trophy progress [1]


Alright, time to drill down the 250 quotes.

Firstly, when battle is won, there’s a small chance Rise will say something. Well, I found there are only 3 variations.

So 250 – 3 = 247.

Rise will say something about the number of enemies at the start of the battle, and what she says changes depending whether it’s a normal encounter, ‘player advantage’ encounter or ‘enemy advantage’ encounter. There seem to be only 2 variations for each.

So far I only face 1-3 enemies, so

3 enemies x 3 encounter types x 2 variations = 18

247 – 18 = 229.

Also, she comments occasionally about the remaining number of enemies in battles. There are 2 variations for each number of enemies as well.

3 enemies x 2 variatons = 6

229 – 6 = 223

There are 3 quote variations when a certain character defeats an enemy.

Right now I only have 6 characters, so

6 characters x 3 variations = 18

223 – 18 = 205

I made a mistake though which is I equip my characters with the most powerful equipments (weapons, armors and even their accessories). So enemies die in one hit and this prevents more battle situations (and quotes). Not only that, I sold their default equipments… -.-;

So I guess I’ll need to return and buy lower level equipments for them…

Another useful feature in the game is you can set each individual aspect of difficulty, i.e., whether enemies can deal a lot of damage, whether characters gain lots of exp, money, etc.

I think it’s particularly better to set exp gain to low so the characters don’t become too powerful… ^^; I think it’s a mistake I didn’t set it to low before, but fortunately since I was speeding through, I didn’t thoroughly go through the dungeons either.


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