Persona 4 Golden Platinum


Finally obtained the last bronze trophy (hardcore Rise fan) and got the platinum! XD

I did undercount the quotes, though just a bit… I got the trophy when I counted 248 ^^;

I went to the latest dungeon as soon as the last member joins in, which happens to be 12th October earliest.

But yep, in the end I had to subject the characters to various negative status effects -.-”

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely much on luck hoping that Rise would say the right quote. As soon as a character is subjected to negative status effect, if you don’t hear the quote that you were expecting, you can go to Analyze > analyze one enemy and go back, and the game will randomly play one of Rise’s possible quotes. Just keep doing it until you hear the one you need ^^

There’s a dice enemy in science lab dungeon (I found them on fifth floor) that casts off Randomizer, which reduces attack, defense and speed stats. Each of these is a negative status effect, so 7 characters x 3 status effects = 21 quotes.

There’s also an enemy on 3rd floor that casts off multiple-target Old One. Just keep them alive while hitting other enemies and soon your whole party would be affected by the old status effect. Not only that, when affected by this, the characters might screw up when they attack, which is another set of quotes (7 x 2 = 14 quotes) (this is a little inaccurate since 2 of them are ranged attackers and they don’t screw up, only miss, so more accurate number is 12).

I gotta say, this last trophy is pretty enjoyable, although this is not the first and only game of mine that has this ‘last hard’ trophy standing between me and the platinum that would take extra few days to get. Fate/stay night has this too with its Scenario Complete trophy, and Kamen Rider Battride War also has it with Ride 555km trophy. The annoying ‘so close yet so far’ feeling ^^;

Guess it’s time to move on to another game X)


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