Rise fan trophy progress [2]


If I counted correctly (most probably not), I have collected 196 quotes now ^^;

(If I did count wrongly I hope I at least undercalculated… ^^;)

I couldn’t readily find 5 enemies groups to get quotes from encountering them (there is one at sauna dungeon, floor 1-4, but the probability is very low), so I gave up (I could’ve gotten 2-3 more quotes) and moved on to let Rise obtain her scan ability (commu rank 2).

This replaces her quotes from now on at the start of the battle from the number of enemies to enemy weakness. Although this makes about 30 quotes missable (which is why it’s recommended to get them before getting the scan ability), it’s also a floodgate to new quotes (also about 30).

I’m now speeding to unlock the last member. There is an annoying time gap (summer holiday) -.-” Unfortunately I don’t think getting the last member’s simple quotes would be enough to reach 250 easily; it seems I still need to be creative and subject the characters to various status ailments -_-;

There’re additional quotes when facing endgame bosses, so I could either try to get this trophy as soon as the last member joins in, or push it till the end of playthrough. Personally I want to get it as soon as possible so that I can move on to my next game ^^;


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