Neptune Re;Birth 1 continue


So I decided to pick up Neptune Re;Birth 1 for Vita again.

Last time I stopped, I was around the start of chapter 4. I guess I stopped because I was turned off for being easily defeated by a story boss ^^;

There are a few series that I personally want to get into, that I collect their games, but unfortunately gameplay-wise they kinda me turn off. Neptune series is one of them, and the other one is Atelier series. I guess I can only try to change myself to like them more… ^^;

One of the things I kinda dislike about this series is that (afaik) you have to grind. It’s not one of the games where you can smooth sail most of the times as long as you don’t avoid enemies.

I have for example equipped the most powerful weapons and armors available and I still seem to be having trouble. Maybe I should buy and use items more (instead of saving them for future use) or find out more ways to take advantage of the system…

I do know that there’s a ‘modifier’ that weakens the enemies. Apparently it’s not enough (for me)… ^^;

I also notice that getting upper hand in battles is a lot about filling up the EXE drive gauge, so that the characters can unleash ridiculous-damage EXE drive attacks. That means filling up EXE drive gauge prior to boss battles by doing normal battles first, so that you can unleash free EXE drive attacks from the get-go instead of trying to fill up the gauge during boss battles. It’s a pretty significant advantage, although annoying and usually still not enough to defeat the bosses.

I guess I need to make accessories that can raise EXE drive gauge faster other than using rush combo.

Well, on a positive side, chapter 4 is probably the furthest I’ve gotten in any Neptune game (though it could be that this is the simplest Neptune game to date?)

In any case, time to start playing ^^;

8 thoughts on “Neptune Re;Birth 1 continue

  1. OshareKeiji

    The key to getting to higher levels in this game is to make good use of dormant symbol enemies (the big ones who don’t give chase and are often the strongest). If you figure out a consistent pattern for working them, you get roughly 2~3 levels per fight.

    Of course, it’s best if you have halfway decent equipment, organize your combo skills beforehand, and in the early going, EXE Drive charging is a must.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, I see, thanks for the tip X)

      Yeah, I’ve been avoiding them like plague… so they’re meant for effective level-ups. Makes sense now that I think about it ^^

      1. OshareKeiji

        You’ll need to fight most of them sooner or later anyway for quests (usually the B/A/S Level ones) and if you want to get the Max Firepower trophy, those enemies are usually the best ones to try that on as opposed to bosses.

        Just remember to whittle down their guard first, and hit them with any of the Goddess characters’ 1 EXE skill. Even in the late going, the 1 EXE Skills will always deal better damage than the latter 2/3 ones.

      2. Helu Post author

        I see, thanks once again for the tip ^^

        I’ve been using the 1 EXE skill too; the 2 EXE skills (like the coupling attack between Neptune and Vert) don’t seem to add much more damage.

        I just got the Max Firepower trophy; I basically used Vert’s linear 1 EXE drive attack against 3 lined-up cannon fodders ^^;

    1. Helu Post author

      Took me a while to figure out you mean カンスト lol… funny I know the Japanese term but not the English term ^^;


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