Neptune Re;Birth 1 chapter 5 completed

Just completed chapter 5

I’m glad that Noire rejoins to the party, since she’s my favorite character ^^


She’s probably my no.1, followed by Cave.

It seems I like cool, rather emotionless, red-haired (or gray), and twintail girls and Cave seems to have, well everything ^^; unfortunately Cave only seems to appear in mk2 (but she might return in Re;Birth 2, hope it’s not about licensing issues ^^;)


I like Vert too but look at her:



I can’t play this game in public lol, unlike Persona 4 Golden ^^;

The modchip available in chapter 5 that accelerates EXE drive gauge increase helps too, though it’s still a bit too slow for my taste ^^; Guess I need to take a look at the disks and idea chips next…

Instead of hurrying with the story I basically took my time in the dungeons to complete the bestiary info.

And It’s true, the strong enemies can give ridiculous amounts of EXP; I found one that is not really a threat and yet every characters can level up at least once when it’s defeated.


All my characters are above level 70 now except Marvelous AQL who just joins at the end of chapter 5… it seems the ones not yet in the party do not gain experience points… -.-;

Guess I’ll continue playing once my Vita is fully charged X)


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