Neptune Re;Birth 1 clear


Managed to beat the game ^^

Well, apparently I got the normal ending… ^^;

I was pretty much overpowered from chapter 6 onward, since I managed to raise the characters to level 90-ish beating strong enemies in the dungeons. Didn’t have much trouble with the final boss either X)

I didn’t save the game though and just exit the game after I obtained the normal ending trophy; I learned that apparently there is no ‘end-game world’ after the final boss… so the game’ll move straight away to second playthrough (but with lots of things carried over).

So now I reload back to the point right before the final boss and I plan to unlock more things (like the little sisters) and then get the true ending.

Since I used lots of memory to unlock dungeons and strong enemies etc, I don’t have enough memory left to actually unlock all the little sisters (just one and guess I would pick Uni ^^); but I think I can collect all the necessary materials first so that I can unlock them sooner when I have enough memory on the next playthrough.

But yeah, first Neptune game I’ve ever beaten X)

(Technically, there are still many things left to do… ^^;)

Not sure if I can platinum the game before Super Heroine Chronicle arrives…

And I just came across some bad news; apparently Super Heroine Chronicle doesn’t allow screenshot capture… damn these paranoid people -_-;


5 thoughts on “Neptune Re;Birth 1 clear

    1. Helu Post author

      Mine arrived in Singapore EMS inward office but I doubt they’re going to deliver on either Saturday or Sunday… so it seems Monday too for me ^^;

  1. OshareKeiji

    If you’ve been unlocking all the Hidden dungeons (which is a must since you also need certain monster spoils), chances are you won’t be able to get all the sister characters within two runs.

    Actually had to do three runs to get enough memory.

    The best part though is that even if you don’t use them in battle early on, they’ll still be gaining levels. That will help since everyone has counter-stop trophies.

    1. Helu Post author

      I just unlocked Uni and got true ending, actually ^^

      Seems Rom & Ram are unlocked together, so with Nepgear would need 2 x 1024MB = 2048MB.

      And apparently one can get 3328MB in one playthrough, so as long as I don’t synthesize too many items I should be able to get all of them on the next playthrough ^^

      It’s pretty neat how the little sisters, if they’re available, are included in the ending X)

      But yeah, I’m still not sure how the second playthrough works… do I have to re-get all dungeon plans? (I don’t think so) and are the dungeons available from the start? (I don’t think so too ^^;)

      Guess I’ll play the clear data to find out… :p

      When I get my Uni she starts at level 1 though… but she does level up like crazy (level 61 now) as I beat strong enemies ^^;

  2. OshareKeiji

    The unlocked dungeons/plans stay intact. If you were playing V, everything would need manual unlocking again.

    Of course, the story ones won’t open immediately until you reach their plot part.

    And yeah, I probably had to do three because I was obsessively unlocking the Weapon and Accessory plans….


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