Neptune Re;Birth 1 Uni, true ending and second playthrough

So I managed to unlock Uni ^^


It was surprisingly easy to take the shares away from Others and allocate it to Lastation, lol. There’s an S-rank gathering quest that transfers 6% shares and the enemy that drops the item is easy to beat. The enemy that drops material needed to unlock her isn’t hard, either.

I never encountered Uni in mk2 so I didn’t know she was a gunner lol ^^;

The unlock event is pretty cool since this might be the first time it’s shown in the series but it’s pretty freaky how the older sister easily accepts their younger sister, lol.


I have also collected the materials required for the other sisters Nepgear and Rom & Ram, hoping that I can unlock them earlier on the next playthrough since I can’t get more memory in this playthrough (so supposedly I just need to get enough memory & shares on next playthrough). But now that I think about it, since a certain character appears during Uni’s unlock event, it means I still can only unlock them at the last chapter ^^;

Because I want to unlock them and get the benefit of leveling them up even though they’re not in battle party, I just go ahead with second playthrough instead of overstaying the first playthrough (complete bestiary, synthesize more items, etc).

I like how Uni is always there in party, instead of her appearance being bound by the story like the ‘maker’ characters lol. Uni can even appear in the true ending’s final battle, because I put her as a back member, even though it was supposed to be a 1v1 battle between Neptune lol (making the final battle even easier) ^^;

Guess I’m going to speed through the second playthrough to reach back to the last point… And it’s pretty annoying the game keeps giving you plans that you have already unlocked -.-;


2 thoughts on “Neptune Re;Birth 1 Uni, true ending and second playthrough

  1. OshareKeiji

    In this game the sisters aren’t officially part of the story after all. There just needed to be some sort of explanatory event as to how they came to be since the original first game and mk2’s plot were not connected in any way.

    Anyway, once you gather all of them them, watch for Vert’s “Odd one Out” blog post.


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