Super Heroine Chronicle

Just received my copy of Super Heroine Chronicle today ^^

At first I thought of skipping this game, but in the end I bought it, the force is too strong in this one… ^^;

To tell the truth, the only characters I know of are Higurashi characters. The ones I ‘heard’ before were Infinite Stratos, Super Sonico and Zero No Tsukaima, the rest I never heard before… (but I just learned a bit about Kyousougiga and Hidan No Aria) ^^;

Another game that disallows screen capture -.- They want me to get a modified Vita with capture card? Haha.

I thought the opening movie was pretty underwhelming. Simple backgrounds, and the girls were fighting each other but they were not nicely animated. And I thought I saw some scenes in promotion videos (with cool black tones) that could be part of opening movie, but they weren’t there?

So far, it seems to be just a simpler Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos… ^^;

The W Impact thing with its mini-game just drags the gameplay even longer imo…-.-

I don’t plan to do free stages if I can help it… only if I find myself underleveled and having difficulties despite using items, upgrading and stuffs. I appreciate the ability to do free stages though, unlike Project X Zone… -.-

The guy’s attacks made me laugh haha ^^

Personally I prefer the yo-yo girl to the magician, but I picked the magician’s route (since she seems to be helping ‘someone’ that I’m also interested in).


I think the reason Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos turned me off was all the decisions you have to make (which girl to talk to during Free Talk, which stats to allocate bonus points to, which route to go to, who to upgrade, etc), but here I’m just going to cut through the decisions, never mind if they were bad ;)


4 thoughts on “Super Heroine Chronicle

  1. OshareKeiji

    As someone who played both Queen’s Blade and Gate SC, all I can tell you is this: The decision-making in those games aren’t as heavy as you make them out to be.

    *Free Talk is just another way for Jean to increase camaraderie with the girls aside from Practice Duel. High camaraderie allows for one-sided/mutual follow-up attack and cover. Not really a big deal, but since Jean is pitifully weak, it helps. There’s no specific character ending in this game after all.

    *For BPs, you can simply put them on the stats with no booster items. Evade is one of the nicer stats to invest them in, but only after you got the character stripped down at least once for the gallery (using Practice Duel).

    *The routes only determine which characters join and how long they’ll stay (either temporarily or permanently). Naturally, you’ll have to deal with a snail’s pace on the first run, but from second onwards you can breeze through everything. Again, this is more a gallery thing than anything else.

    *Upgrading is a matter of playstyle. Okay, so that one is a bit heavy. But a tactical mindset is only necessary in the first run. In the late going, full offensive is fine.

    Regardless, whether you decide to go back to that game later on or not is your call. Anyway, might consider checking SHC out myself.

    1. Helu Post author

      Thanks for the tips! I guess back then I was someone who wanted to do as much as possible in one playthrough, and was afraid to make bad decisions ^^; but now I’ve decided as a gamer to at least do the first run without looking at any guide and have fun instead of worrying so much ^^

      Yeah, I’ll probably come back to QG Spiral Chaos after beating this one ^^

  2. Glisswart God

    It sucks. I cleared it 5 times. The main “hero” is a total loser/wuss who only Free Talks for friendship with all the girls. Lame. Just blast through all 63 Stages, forget the Free Stages, and you’ll be fine. The game is also heavily flawed anyway.

    1. Helu Post author

      Thanks for the comment ^^ Yeah I will, after I’m done with more games ;) I think more difficult for me is the planning for not missing any trophies (the checklists etc) -.-;


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