Super Heroine Chronicle Progress


Reached chapter 10.

I’m expecting it to have about 50 chapters, so that’s 20%, I guess ^^;

Back then I played Gundam G Generation Seed and recalled how time-sinking SPRG can be, even when I skipped the animation and stuffs. Kinda same thing here but I guess I wasn’t as impatient :p

The crash (break) mechanic seems pretty weird. Sometimes when an enemy HP and ‘part HP’ reach 0 at the same time, sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn’t.

Still no sign of Higurashi, but it’s the last 4 series that haven’t made appearances yet (with Zero No Tsukaima, Di Gi Charat and Kyousougiga), so should be pretty soon…

If they make a follow-up they should use Umineko lol.

The Symphogear characters turn out to be the strongest so far (I was expecting Infinite Stratos characters to be).

Don’t have trouble so far even without going to free stages and such ;)

Well, guess I’ll keep playing ^^

Edit: Lol, it’s here. The first nightmarish chapter.

It starts with a tricky short battle where there’s only 1 player and 1 other NPC, and you need to manage their health (since if either of them dies it’s game over).

The trick was to let your only playable character defend once from the boss’ attack so that her charged up attack won’t kill the CPU. You can’t attack the boss unless you can kill her since she would counter you to death ^^;

Afterward, they left, but instead of ending there, I have to deploy my main party. And it’s the first time I can’t deploy all my characters, so I didn’t send the guy.

Then I have to fight enemies that keep coming whenever one is dead, then a boss to stop the enemies from spawning, THEN I have to run all the way to the other side of the map to escape. All these and if just one character dies it’s game over (I game over 2 times, basically).

Luckily I didn’t send the guy since his movement range is 3 and the chasing enemies’ are 4. He would have been a liability lol.

But damn that was a pretty annoying chapter… Maybe I was supposed to level up in free stages so that I can kill the normal enemies in one turn -.-“


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