Super Heroine Chronicle Progress 2


Great, some members learned to do 3 combos (as they reach certain level) and can kill normal enemies in one hit again X)

Apparently when a character dies in battle, she won’t get to allocate bonus points at the end even though she leveled up during battle. Hope this doesn’t matter much -.-;

But now there’s a route split again, and moreover into 3 routes! >.<

Although I personally want to go with the twintail characters, I chose to go with the team with the strongest character (not only that, this team also has the most members, and one is a multi-healer).

I hope the game doesn’t like balance it out by making this team undergo a difficult stage lol ^^;

But thinking about it, these 3 routes correspond to 3 remaining series yet to be introduced!

I hope I picked the one I want… ^^;

Edit: Nope. Wrong one… -.-;

I can’t help but feel the strong ones only get stronger lol ^^;


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