Super Heroine Chronicle Progress 3


So yeah, it turned out I picked the wrong team. I didn’t meet Higurashi cast, but Zero No Tsukaima and DiGi Charat instead.

There is one long chapter where I have to ‘climb’ 5 stages (i.e., no inter-mission in-between). I either have to make one character reach the other side of the room or kill every enemies without letting a single character die.

But since you can choose which character to deploy each floor and the characters’ health regenerates, it’s not difficult, just troublesome.

But afterward the route merges and so I finally meet Higurashi cast X)

It seems I should’ve picked Dream Hunter Rem’s team in order to meet them earlier.

But after that the game throw lots of enemies into the next stage. I deployed the new characters to see their attacks but unfortunately they have trouble taking care even the normal enemies.

Also, the enemies in this game are apparently very efficient in targeting the units that would give them trouble, so my strongest two units basically get raped to death even if I have them defend the onslaught to lessen damage.

Even though I managed to complete the stage it was the greatest bloodbath so far and it was pretty obvious that I need to go to free stages to get some characters up to speed now… ^^;

I guess a reasonable target is to make everyone (or at least up to the number of characters that can be deployed in the next stage) same level as normal enemies in the next stage.

But this would slow down progress, I guess ^^;

Anyway, Satoko and Rika from Higurashi are apparently one unit (you can see two of them in a single tile in a map), and one of their attacks is super funny lol XD

They’re a great healer unit too ^^

Mion and Shion are also one unit but only ‘Mion’ is visible on the map, and so far only ‘Mion’ does the attacking. I think I know what the developers did there lol ^^

I have also kept talking to the same character in Free Talk but it seems I’m unable to pick her last conversation… maybe I need to play further or I need to do something…

Edit: Finally Infinite Stratos cast is complete!

But lol… now I’m on a stage where I have to use my underleveled characters -.-“

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