It’s been a while since I last posted. Since I decided not to rush Super Heroine Chronicle, I’ve been trying out different games to see if there’s one I would like to focus on.

Super Heroine Chronicle

I still consistently beat a stage each day though. I managed to ‘W Impact’ a boss character for the first time, but the boss didn’t end up joining my side or anything (I just got a very good coin).

Curious about Symphogear, I checked out the anime. I watched the first 2 episodes and although it’s pretty nice I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the discontinuity between episode 1 and 2.

At the end of episode 1, Hibiki appeared to go berserk as she transformed into Symphogear for the first time, kinda like Evangelion:

スクリーンショット 2014-02-18 14.36.45

スクリーンショット 2014-02-18 14.37.24

At the start of episode 2 though, she was all sane:

スクリーンショット 2014-02-18 14.39.01

Even the little girl told her she was cool:

スクリーンショット 2014-02-18 14.39.21

She should’ve been scared shitless seeing giant mechanical parts jutting out of Hibiki’s body… -.-;

I kinda like berserk heroes so it was pretty disappointing… -.-;

I actually knew Symphogear’s opening theme Synchrogazer before since it was in Nana Mizuki’s Rockbound Neighbors CD (I bought it for Shining Ark DLC). It was one of the songs I quite like from the CD.

Drag-on Dragoon 3

When I got this game a while back, I just played a tiny bit and then stopped.

I managed to play further now and actually kill one of the sisters.

Gotta say, this game is pretty grotesque (probably worse than Oneechanbara Kagura Z) ^^;

Although the frame rate is pretty bad and you can’t play the game without seeing screen tears, it’s been a while since I play action game with continuous maps like this (Oneechanbara Kagura Z is kinda small spaces).

The game is pretty nice but only if I don’t play it for too long ^^;

It seems I would need to defeat a big boss with the dragon each time I face a sister. Unfortunately controlling the dragon doesn’t seem fun to me -.-;

Two manga adaptations are released for this game and gotta say, both manga’s arts are pretty solid (in contrast to manga adaptation of Fate/Extra; although the Saber is nice, the whole thing is just half-hearted).

I bought the Utahime Five one:




If you preview the first chapter, which is a fourth wall breaking kind of thing, you would think that this is a spin-off manga where the 5 loli Utahime sisters lead funny lives.


But if you read past the first chapter, it’s actually a serious story that could be a real prologue to the game (albeit the Utahime sisters are still loli). This seems to be a deliberate misdirection ^^;

The other manga adaptation Drag-on Dragoon Shi Ni Itaru Aka:



This one is more gruesome.

The character on the cover is One by the way; it’s revealed in first chapter but from the cover you can see from her hair and eye color. Chronologically, this one seems closer to the start of the game than Utahime Five (although what happened to her, and where are the other sisters, I don’t know).

Edit: Ah… well, if I were to say it, it’s kinda a spoiler, so… ^^; (this manga is actually what happened after Drag-on Dragoon 3)

I think this is one of those ‘since the game didn’t sell really well, let’s make it up with other media’ kind of thing.

Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 1

Managed to get the rest of the little sisters a while back.



Gotta say, the developers did some pretty sly monetization -.-;

Basically the level is capped at 99 but if you buy some DLC you can raise the cap to level 399 etc. Once I have a character reached level 99 while others haven’t, it feels pretty wasteful to let that character sit at level 99.

Not only that, the last trophy of this game is to earn 100,000,000 (100 million!) money and it’s pretty damn obvious the way to get rich in this game (beside maximizing money gain by accessories) is to defeat DLC monsters… -_-”

I’ll just ‘pretend’ that I bought the game at cheaper price and I’m just paying back what I saved… ^^;

Instead of focusing on leveling up the characters quickly (for trophies), I’m slowly doing the item synthesis. It seems I would need a third playthrough to get more memory though… (the annoying thing about restarting is you keep getting the same ‘blueprints’) -.-;

Choujigen Neptune mk2

I played mk2 a bit (restarted actually) instead of waiting for the remake Re;Birth 2. The knowledge I got from playing Re;Birth 1 seems to serve me quite well.

As far as I know, mk2’s system is closer to Victory and Re;Birth 1 than the very first game in the series. So mk2 is like the ‘prototype’ of the modern Neptune series (what am I talking about lol). But Victory (and Re;Birth 1 is mostly Victory) still revamps the battle system further.

It’s pretty interesting to notice the differences and see how mk2 ‘evolved’ into Victory (basically the battle system just got simpler and simpler lol).

I’m pretty curious if they’re gonna incorporate some of mk2 features back into Re;Birth 2. The mk2’s different system is actually pretty refreshing (as someone who essentially starts with Victory gameplay first) (although some, like how you can’t see how much AP your move is going to cost mid-battle unless you memorize them, is pretty annoying).

To be honest, I wouldn’t like it if they just slap Victory gameplay into Re;Birth 2 (just like Re;Birth 1). I do know the 4-member party is back so that’s a start, I guess ^^


I also watched the Robocop movie and I gotta say, if Hollywood ever decided to make a Kamen Rider movie, this would actually be it (minus the cop part). My friend also saw the big robots’ resemblances to Gekko from Metal Gear series.

Unfortunately, although I think the movie starts very well (I also like how the Robocop creator somehow looks like Richard Dawkins), the end is not exciting at all, probably the reason for all the bad reviews… You can’t just build up something grand and then fizzle at the last part ^^;


4 thoughts on “Recently…

  1. OshareKeiji

    It seems likely that Rebirth;2 will still use the system from V. What’s bad about mk2’s system is the Goddess form eats SP per turn (kind of like Breath Of Fire III’s Dragon form cost style) and if you don’t have the sufficient amount, instant reform. It’s annoying because the halfway decent skills use SP, so you’ll have to monitor both your usage and the turn cost expenditure, and none of the SP meds can actually keep up with that.

    Regarding Rebirth;1’s money grind: even if you don’t have DLC, you can still work your way up to that amount. In one of the regular dungeons, there’s an enemy called a Clione (only unlockable via a “Strong Enemy Appearance Mod” (forgot which dungeon though, since I have DLC and those come with stronger Clione variants). The Clione gives very nice EXP and Credits to boot.

    Get everyone with a CD that has the Credit Income Level 3 add-on so you get a bonus regardless who gets the killing blow. The Clione is still a handful even at level 99, so you’d better assign someone who can take good punishment as the leader (since it has a tendency to attack leaders). Uni’s a good member to have for the money grind since her skills deal good damage (especially EXE 1)… just don’t assign her as the leader since the Clione will keep stalking her and she needs range to pull off attacks. The rest can be any of the two older Goddesses, give both of them Combo Link skills so you can charge the EXE gauge on the fly.

    1. Helu Post author

      Thanks for the tips! ^^

      Yeah I was also surprised at that feature too… -.-;

      If I may ask, when playing mk2 what kind of thoughts do you have when setting up skill in mk2? Also, do you memorize the AP cost?

      The max I can get from non-DLC Clione seems to be 247,950 credit (with level 5 money up). That’s roughly 400 Cliones to kill… -.-”

      Well, guess I should focus on item synthesis. I don’t think 100,000,000 credit will come naturally but there’s no need for me to rush ^^;

  2. OshareKeiji

    Ah yes, I forgot those things went up to 5…

    When it comes to skills, I usually just follow an orthodox pattern when it comes to cost: low-mid-high. In later levels, I often go mid-mid-high or mid-high-high when there’s AP to spare, but I go back to mid-mid-high during boss fights, since if you use up too much AP in one turn, the next turn will come later than usual.

    That system also applies to vanilla Neptune 1 and V.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, ok, I thought it would be somehow different in mk2 because of the different AP system. Thanks for the tip ^^


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