MGS3 HD PS3 Platinum


Another game which platinum trophy I decided to just get it done with.

I followed a guide obviously since it would be too stressful to keep track of foods eaten, camouflages obtained etc. MGS3 is kinda special because you can do it all in one playthrough and easiest difficulty.

And I already obtained platinum trophy for the Vita version a while ago (my PS3 and Vita version’s regions are different and it seems I can’t ‘Transfar’ the trophies around because of that).

Playing this game made me realize how better Dualshock 3 controller is compared to Vita (as if that wasn’t obvious lol). The hardest thing about platinum’ing this game is to shoot those Kerotans during the bike chase sequences, and although I did have to reload several times, it didn’t feel that hard, or painful, compared to when I was doing Vita version.

It could be other factors like higher frame rates or bigger screen, though ^^; Or maybe I’ve become more patient since I played Vita version and knew what to expect.

I’m also currently stuck in MGS2 Vita version at the support sniping part in Hard difficulty (and I haven’t played PS3 version to the fullest yet). Basically I keep failing to prevent alerts and the person I’m supposed to protect keeps getting shot at and dying. I didn’t remember having too much trouble back in PS2 era, at least not this part -.-;

MGS2 platinum is much harder than MGS3. Even after collecting all trophies in main mode, one has to complete all missions in Missions mode, and I remember some of the missions are damn annoying, even with Dualshock controller… -.-”

In any case, one game down… I know supposedly I said that I no longer care for trophies. I guess that’s for new games, to have fun without worrying so much, while this is for old games I’ve played that I want to かたづける (put away) ^^;


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