New SR Maki Card Event

I had actually stopped playing Love Live! SIF a while back. Even though I like Love Live! (Maki and some of the girls, actually), the idea that I have to constantly keep this game in mind every day and play at least two songs every 5 hours is kinda ridiculous.

So I decided that I would only play this game when 1) there is an event and 2) the event features one of my favorite girls (Maki, Nico and Nozomi)

And when I stopped, it actually feels so liberating. It’s as if I’m freed from shackles and I’m able to focus on other things ^^;

But here I am, returning to this game for Maki event:


That devil/cat-shaped headphone somehow feels familiar… I feel like I’ve seen it before but I’m not quite sure where…

It seems to be established now that Maki’s animal theme is based around big cats. I think it’s because of one of her popular mini-group songs, Cutie Panther. Her previous animal outfit:


(but this is not what makes the headphone familiar…)

Anyway, on that event page, the left is unawakened version while the right is awakened version (gotten by combining two copies of the same card). Both are cute but obviously I like the right one more ^^

Last time I said that there would be a time when I would go all out in an event, and that time has finally come.

I would need to be in top 11,500 in the ranking, and to achieve this, I would need to use Loveca stones that I’ve been stocking up to replenish my stamina and thus be able to play more (basically, if you don’t use Loveca stones it’s unlikely that you can get the awakened version).

I’m pretty sure I have enough stones and it would be interesting to find out an estimate of how many Loveca stones one would need in order to reach top 10,000 ranking for future events.

I’m expecting tough competition because Maki is apparently the third most popular girl according to Christmas poll -.-”

Also, I gotta say, the event song 夏、終わらないで is pretty nice:

It’s apparently a song included in the Cutie Panther singles. I didn’t notice this nice song until now… I guess I’m the kind of person who tends to ‘get introduced’ rather than proactively look up for new songs ^^; Most Vocaloid songs I know for example I knew from Project Diva games, not because I hang around Nico Nico Douga :p

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