Dynasty Warriors 7 & why I switched my PSN account (before)


Still trying to platinum Dynasty Warriors 7 -.-;

I’ve conquered all maps in Conquest Mode but I still need to 1) master everyone’s skills 2) buy every weapons 3) master every weapon seals 4) max everyone’s relationship and 5) answer every quiz -_-”

Despite those tasks, this is still the simplest Dynasty Warriors game to date in my opinion (not counting 1 & 2 though since I never played them). But it’s also the one that feels the best when attacking (I haven’t played 8 yet but 8 should be even better since it builds on 7).

I think with 7 they were focusing on graphics & animations as the base for future Dynasty Warriors games. Also, I think they’ve moved hardcore gameplay elements to Samurai Warriors, so Samurai Warriors=hardcore and Dynasty Warriors=casual.

And I’ve actually platinum’ed this game before but it’s on my old Asian account.

I decided to switch from Asian to Japanese account when I learned that I couldn’t buy games Vita digitally on Japanese PlayStation Store and play it on another region account. Even if I can circumvent it by buying physical copy, there is still a problem when the Vita game has DLCs (PS3 doesn’t seen to have this problem).

It took me some time before I finally decided to switch. There were some platinum trophies I’m rather proud of on my old account such as Resident Evil 5; I actually managed to 100% it (which means including the online multiplayer ‘Versus’ trophies).

I have also platinum’ed the God of War HD Collection, the first Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed 2, Tomb Raider Underworld, a Call of Duty game (after MW but before MW2) and other games. I guess I was a more ‘standard’ gamer last time lol ^^;

But I thought the longer I stayed with my Asian account the worse the problem could become as more Japanese games I’m interested in got released, and I might be at the mercy of the game companies’ odd wimps of not releasing those games on Asian region (and the DLCs). Plus, I prefer to collect pure Japanese version rather than the cheaper Asian version.

The way I put it that time, is that if there are some games that I would be missing out by sticking to a certain region, I would rather them not be Japanese games.

On a positive side I got rid of some annoying trophies. I lent my PS3 to a friend last time and when I got it back, some extra trophy lists got added in of games like soccer and pinball that I would never bother to platinum ^^;

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