Manga: Momoiro Meloik

This is one of the manga series that I’m quite annoyed with because one of the largest Japanese digital bookstores, BookLive, which I mainly use, doesn’t seem keen to update the series. Physically there are 4 volumes now, but BookLive only still has the first volume.

Another digital bookstore, BOOKWALKER, on the other hand, has volume 2 for quite some time and now they just released volume 3! So now I have volume 1 from BookLive but volume 2 & 3 from BOOKWALKER. The inconsistency is kinda annoying -.-;



Plus BOOKWALKER for some reason is eager about blocking overseas sales, recently making quite a number of their books unavailable for browsing and purchase if the site detects that you’re accessing it outside Japan. Pretty stupid thing to do and they should’ve directed their efforts elsewhere.

This is in contrast to Galapagos Store, another digital Japanese bookstore which advertises itself as a place where you can buy digital Japanese books even if you’re overseas.

But BOOKWALKER indeed has exclusive content and early access (especially toward gaming and pro-otaku stuffs, mostly from Famitsu, Kadokawa and Dengeki). BookLive doesn’t bring some of them, and if they do it might be one month late.

Personally BookLive has a better store and reader app, and I rather just have one ‘universal’ store. Some mess I gotta live with, I guess… -.-

Anyway, about the manga… ^^;

It’s quite what you would expect after seeing the covers and stuffs, a brother and a younger sister who do not look blood-related at all.


The younger sister Masaki is so innocent that she isn’t wary of her brother at all, while the brother Yamato is deeply in love with her (so much so that he has no interest in other women at all) and has thought to have sex with her many times.


Because he doesn’t care for other women (he even sees most of them as ugly even though on art they look okay), many women ironically fall for him, to the dismay of his best friend who is desperately looking for a girlfriend ^^;

The thing about this manga is that I actually prefer Airi, Masaki’s best friend. She’s an only child and she is jealous at Masaki for having a relative.



So yeah, this is one of the manga series where I prefer a sub-character more ^^;

She often has that ‘sad’ look (I don’t think it’s sad but…)

Her hair is also a bit… well, I don’t know the term but you should be able to notice it ^^;

In volumes 1 and 2 she only made small appearances, but in volume 3 there are three chapters centered around her! Pretty much why I’m so satisfied with this purchase of volume 3 X)


(He was preventing her from bumping into a baby stroller)




(He was actually, due to extreme happiness hearing something good about Masaki, unintentionally treating her like a puppy, since she looks similar to a puppy his grandfather owns)

In any case I can’t wait for volume 4, which even features her in the cover:


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