SR Maki Card Get!

So the Love Live! SIF event has finally ended,

and I got my desired awakened SR Maki card! XD


Pretty daring and sexy, I like it X)

The unawakened version:


Nice expression, but I think her stomach is a little too tall? But meh…

My event ranking is 4,907th with 30,604 event points:


(I never intended to get below 2,300th to get yet another copy of the SR card so it’s not like I failed or anything…^^;)

I used 33 Loveca stones for the event (if I counted correctly lol). I’m rank 90-ish with 70-ish max LP (stamina), so other people’s mileages may vary (since the higher your rank, the higher also is your max LP, and so you get more LP when it’s replenished by the stone).

There is also leveling up involved which is kinda like using stone for free. If I remember correctly I leveled up at least 6 times during the course of the event.

I played almost exclusively 25LP songs (daily rotation hard, and expert difficulty) since they are most effective in getting event points and level-up.

For event songs I played almost exclusively hard (45 event points) since easier difficulties are less effective for gaining event points, and expert difficulty is best left for battle-hardened Beatmania players (if you don’t play expert well, the event point gain is actually less effective than playing moderately well on hard) ^^;

I think I could’ve stopped at 30 stones but it was for a peace of mind (if eBay is any indication, one should never underestimate the crazy things people could pull off in the last minutes ^^;).

You could get 13 Loveca stones as prizes during the event (not counting other ways such as login bonus and playing Expert songs for the first time etc), so I guess it’s pretty safe to save about 20 Loveca stones in preparations for the event.

There are immediate prizes up to 28,000 event points. Based on my experience (since I got 30,604 points), it’s a good target to reach if you want to get the awakened version (the 11,500th position player reached 28,302 points, just a few hundred points more).

But yeah, if you have just about 10 Loveca stones, most likely it wouldn’t be enough.

So is spending 30 Loveca stones for an event a lot? Well, if we consider the 11-card premium draw where you spend 50 Loveca stones and you’re guaranteed 1 SR card (some periods only) and you might get unlucky and just get 1 SR card (and after you reach certain level, the R cards are useless anyway), it’s not so bad. I dare say depending on the SR card event prize, it might be worth it to plunge all 50 Loveca stones.

What I kinda found out about using Loveca stones for the event, is that they shouldn’t be spent anyhow, i.e., there are some things to keep in mind in order to maximize their usage.

For example, as much as possible, you might want to use up all the LP (to 0) first before using the stones to replenish it. I was kinda in a fortunate situation where I could finish the remaining LP with a 25LP song (best for leveling up) relatively quick.

Waiting for the remaining LP to reach certain values so you can play a song may take some time, which is why it’s most likely not a good idea to only use the stones on the last day, at the last minute.

Another point is that you might not want to use the stones when you are about to level-up. For example, you used a stone and replenished your LP, but as soon as you played one song, you leveled up and the LP replenished once again. The LP from the stone feels wasted.

When about to level up, it’s pretty hard to see whether one should level up as soon as possible by playing lesser difficulty songs, or wait a bit so you can play and level up with one harder song (retain EXP gain effectiveness). I guess to find out I would need to write down the cases and analyze them, but I’m too lazy for that ^^; I just stick with the first method.

As a side effect of trying to level up as early as possible, I don’t over-save my event points, instead I use them as soon as I can play the hard one which uses 45 event points.

Another reason why I don’t feel bad about using stones during the event is that events turn out to be a great time for leveling up; since you also get event points which allow you to play more songs (event songs, which do not use LP) = more EXP gained per LP used. I.e., if you want to use Loveca stones to replenish LP in order to boost leveling up, events are actually the best and the only times you should do it.

(This doesn’t seem to apply to the other kind of event which is Score Match Event, however)

You can see leveling up as a kind of investment to increase your max LP which means more LP when it’s replenished by level-up or stone in future events (so you might be able to use less stones).

In any case, time for me to stop playing this game for a while (I limit myself to play for my favorite girls, otherwise I’ll be a daily slave to this thing lol ^^;).

There are two events per month, and the girls are featured in certain order, and there are 9 of them, so the next Maki event should be in 4 and a half months’ time (around mid-July).

I also appreciate the game doesn’t crash at all while I’m playing the event. It seems they have worked on improving the stability of the game ^^

One last thing, I gotta say this particular awakened N card is super cute ^^


I wonder if these N girls would ever be elevated to Cinderella Girls status? lol.


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