Dynasty Warriors 7 Platinum (again)


When I platinum’ed this game a few years ago on my old account, I thought that I would never do it again.

And I was wrong -_-;”

I think back then I should’ve let the game go, like sold it or something… and most certainly not popped the disc back in on my new account -.-;

To be honest my ulterior motive to continue playing this ridiculously-recycled series is for the beautiful ladies (though I do like some of the male characters like Xiahou Dun and Zhou Tai).

Call me skeptic but I don’t think Koei can outdo themselves with Xing Cai and Wang Yuan Ji.

Well, Guan Yin Ping in Dynasty Warriors 8 was a nice try:


But not enough for me to go running to the store… ^^;

I think the female characters they created throughout the series have pretty much covered the entire gamut (they even have ones that look like Lightning and Saber).

And let’s not forget they also have Samurai Warriors and one of them even looks like a hostess.

So yeah, I don’t think I would be looking forward to the next installments…

If I were to guess though, they would create a daughter for Liu Bei, which would ‘complete’ the collection (Xing Cai is Zhang Fei’s daughter and Guan Yin Ping is Guan Yu’s daughter).

Unfortunately, I still have Samurai Warriors 3Z and Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate, and each of them supposedly takes much longer to platinum than this game… -_-;


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