Time to mess Three up

After platinum-ing Dynasty Warriors 7, I can finally return to this game ^^

In case you didn’t know, in this game you’re Zero, and you’re on a killing spree to kill your sisters One to Five. And you start backward from Five… lol.


Note: this loli version is from the manga Utahime Five ^^;

I just managed to kill Four. Time to kill Three lol.

Gotta say, I’m liking this game’s sense of humor, which I didn’t anticipate at all. It makes fun of a lot of clichéd plot devices (kinda like Hyperdimension Neptune), and makes me want to keep playing to see more of these scenes ^^

The Zero’s personality is also not what I expected. A lot of sarcasm from her ^^;

And I’m liking the claw weapons. It seems the key in getting high combos lies with these weapons. Update: it seems to be the ring weapons now ^^;

The game has been updated to v1.03. The game seems smoother (could be placebo effect) but the annoying frame issues have not entirely disappeared.

Also, there are additional DLC trophies now… -_-”

Edit: got motion-sickness from this game lol. Happens with non-smooth camera rotation, I guess -.-;

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