Drag-on Dragoon 3 A Ending


Just got the game’s ‘A ending’.

I checked around a bit and apparently one peculiarity with Drag-on Dragoon series is that the game has multiple endings, with the first ending being called A ending, the next one B ending and so on.

But gameplay-wise I don’t think I’ve beaten the game; after the credits rolled and all that, I can seemingly just continue where the game left off to pursue B ending.

I guess instead of having a dragged-on story to fit an acceptable gameplay length, they rather have shorter story with additional what-ifs. I think the A ending of this game is quite a proper end (although short and not enough background revealed). It’s even possible that the epilogue manga Drag-on Dragoon Shi Ni Itaru Aka follows this ending.


I haven’t seen the other endings though so I shall see.

The combo ‘sustenance’ of this game is pretty strict. I think there were many opportunities to get the 100-hit combo trophy that I missed, but I finally did it in chapter 5. The way I did it is on the stage with bluish color, there is a titan (giant soldier) with spawning normal soldiers. I just targeted the titan, downed it and then used the ring weapon to keep attacking it, which would also hit the surrounding small soldiers due to the weapon’s ridiculous range. When the titan wakes up and is going to attack, I went to berserk mode and kept on attacking (rather than dodge and risk breaking the combo). I think I reached 130-plus combo…

Also, there seems to be a campaign on PS Store where you can download Two’s Extra Missions DLC for free (until 13th March). This explains the extra DLC trophies the game recently has (5 lists in total). I guess in the end we still have to pay for the upcoming Three’s, Four’s, Five’s and Zero’s Extra Missions… -.-; (if you want to play them and obtain the trophies) (and apparently One’s extra missions is already released a while back as paid DLC, but it doesn’t have trophies). Well, I can’t deny that it would be interesting to play as the other sisters…



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