Drag-on Dragoon 3: What The ****


So I managed to get B and C endings.

C ending was particularly nice (reminds me of a memorable scene in Gundam Seed). And it seems D ending is the last one, but when I attempt to beat it, I got stuck all of a sudden. What happened?

The game ARBITRARILY decides that I need to buy ALL weapons before I can play D route.

What. The. **** -.-;

Is the protagonist going to do Unlimited Blade Works with these weapons? I seriously doubt it.

I think this is the first time in my life that a game ever blocks me for not having bought everything in the shop.

Not only that, I have kinda spent the money to upgrade various weapons. If I knew about this I would’ve upgraded only a few weapons and saved the rest of the money, as the upgrades can cost as much as buying new weapons.

No wonder when I checked the trophy list, the rarity of trophies for getting all weapons is more common than beating D ending. I thought D ending was very hard and/or other gamers are paranoid about upgrading everything before tackling the final challenge.

I didn’t expect that I have to grind at this game. Especially in order to reach the last ending. What a killjoy -.-;


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