Neptune Re;Birth 1 Update

So I returned to the game after having stopped for a while.

I was on my third playthrough since I ran out of ‘memory’ to ‘build plans’ on my second playthrough. I was in the middle of speeding my way to the end of the game since that’s when everything is accessible.

I noticed the game’s Live Page has an update icon. I installed the update and now the game runs much smoother! It’s as if the game changes from 30fps to 60fps! (but this is just my feeling, not facts ^^;)

I thought they did it by turning off some unnecessary ‘subtle’ visual filters, but I think even the graphics has gotten better now. Particularly, I noticed the toon effect (the black outlines on 3D models) changed a bit.

For example, here’s a screenshot before update:


Here’s another screenshot before update with different background just to prove that pixel-by-pixel the toon effect is always the same:


But here’s a screenshot after update:


It looks better to me somehow… like smoother.

I guess they hired a graphics expert who not only improved the graphics performance but also writes better shaders ^^

Anyway, I appreciate the performance update. Should at least make my end-grinding a more pleasant experience… ^^;

And it seems they intentionally released the update close to Re;Birth 2 release… ^^;


2 thoughts on “Neptune Re;Birth 1 Update

  1. OshareKeiji

    lol, got your message, downloaded the update while playing Gal Gun.

    The framerate got a total upgrade alright, before it was about as choppy as V.

    Given the funny timing, I’ll be expecting the same quality in RB;2 even without an update.

    1. Helu Post author

      I gotta say this is my first time ever seeing a performance patch with such significant improvement lol ^^

      Saw Re;Birth 2 screenshots and it doesn’t seems to stray away from the current system a lot (if at all ^^;). Probably just the non-core parts. Well, the good thing is it probably means I can just get into it ^^;


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