Drag-on Dragoon 3 Weapon Master + Two DLC

Just when I thought it was enough to buy every weapons in the store in order to unlock D ending route, my weapon completion got stuck at 98%. What happened?

It turns out some weapons are awarded through completion of Accord’s requests, and there is one (a chakram weapon) in particular that is difficult to get.

That Accord’s request is the 森の国 (Country of Forest)’s 神聖の書 (unlocked by beating some missions after C ending, but before D ending route).

In under 1:45min you need to steal 9 books from a Cerberus, 5 Undeads and 30 soldiers.

The Cerberus and 5 Undeads each carries a book for sure, while the remaining 3 is randomly carried among the 30 soldiers.

I managed to get it after about a dozen of tries. Some tips:

Use spear, particularly 終焉の警鐘
This spear can be gotten in one of the C ending route’s chapter 4’s treasure chests and has very high attack stat. Seems like it can only be upgraded to level 2 for now (since I haven’t found the ‘black plates’ yet).

Use spear’s square, triangle infinity combo
Use this combo on Cerberus and Undead since it’s fast and powerful. It can break Undead’s guard so you don’t have to worry about circling them around. If you hit a bomber you need to dodge fast though (I don’t keep in mind to hit the bombers but it’s actually a good thing (as long as you don’t get caught in the explosions) since it deals lots of damage to enemies).

Stay in the lighted area
The enemies mostly follow you, so… no reason to be fighting in the dark.

Cerberus -> Undead -> Soldier
Kill Cerberus first, then target the Undeads (since they’re guaranteed to carry a book each). It can be difficult to spot the Undeads among the soldiers. I don’t feel ashamed to pause the screen as I rotate the camera to check slowly. After all of them are killed, I think it’s faster to target the bombers so that the soldiers die from explosions.

If there’s a book you forget to collect, the white arrow may indicate its location to you
So just run toward the arrow’s direction.

Carry 血瞑刀 sword
Carry this sword because it makes it easier to increase the blood gauge. Personally I think it’s faster to kill Undead with spear combo than going to Utautai mode, but you can use this mode as the situation calls for it (low on health, about to be hit by bomb, etc).

It still requires luck
But you may increase your odds with above tips…

So yeah, I can finally move on to D ending route, but I’m gonna take a break for now. Who knows what other surprises lie await… ^^;

Two’s Extra Missions DLC

Also, I played Two’s Extra Missions DLC (free to download until 13th March). She uses heavy sword ugh… -.-” The story explains how Two and her servant Cent became broken (Cent apparently wasn’t so annoying at the start). It’s basically the 「こんなのひどいよ!あんまりだよ!」kind of emotional crap.

The final boss scene:

Two’s extra missions are a good source of income though (one-time only, but there are also gold soldiers walking around the missions after you’ve completed all of them). This is the reason I managed to buy all weapons in the store earlier than I expected.

Basically, moving forward with the upcoming paid DLCs of extra missions, I can either:

– Don’t buy the DLCs. Grind for money to upgrade every weapons (required for a gold trophy), get platinum but stuck at 56% (a bit more since I got Two DLC for free)

– No need to grind for money, wait and buy each extra mission DLC and get lots of money from their treasure chests (might be enough to upgrade every weapons naturally). Get 100% with all the DLC trophies (but with shrinking wallet and some feeling of being exploited lol) ^^;

大空の支配者 trophy

One last thing, the 大空の支配者 trophy (get every perfect bonus in air battle stages) just asks you to hit every targets (no need to avoid getting hit). You can do it in chapter 2 part 6 (the section just before boss battle, don’t worry about the canons during boss battle, though you do need to complete the whole mission) which is easier than chapter 5 (thank god because chapter 5 one seems pretty strict).


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