Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes: Buying Decision


In about 2 weeks’ time, another Hideo Kojima game is going to be unleashed upon planet Earth. Personally I have three options:

1. Buy PS4 and buy PS4 version.
2. Buy PS3 version.
3. Skip this game.

Issue #1: The game is supposedly short
According to some sources this game is like a big demo (but still smaller than full game). Even the price tag (just 2,500 yen) says something about it. According to Hideo Kojima this game is like an appetizer, to allow players to ‘prepare themselves’ for the main game – Phantom Pain.

Personal issue #1: Another console system?
I’m still playing PS3. If I were to buy PS4, it’s gonna be weird to have them side-by-side in the living room (luckily I didn’t buy PS Vita TV or it would be even weirder). Ideally I only want one system but I guess that’s not gonna happen since PS4 is not backward-compatible, I have PS3 backlog and all.

Personal issue #2: Not many PS4 games I want to play yet…
The only games I’m interested are ironically only this game and Phantom Pain. Maybe Tomb Raider. The problem with Ryu Ga Gotoku is I want to get started with the earlier games first. And no way I’m gonna allow myself be trapped by Dynasty Warriors again.

Issue #2: PS3 version is 30fps
I’m actually one of those gamers who would rather have 60fps than better graphics. In this case PS4 version has both 60fps and better graphics. If I were to buy PS3 version I think the 30fps would affect me more adversely. Well, I guess I can still live with it…

Personal issue #3: I do want to play it…
I’m pretty sure I would buy PS4 and Phantom Pain when the time comes but it’s gonna feel weird to have skipped Ground Zeroes. Say I completed Phantom Pain, am I gonna ‘go backward’ and buy a used copy of Ground Zeroes? Historically, I also never missed an MGS game.

Issue #4: The sale tactics is strong in this one
The first print has DLC FOR PHANTOM PAIN. And it’s a secret DLC so there is no way to know whether I would regret not getting it. Ground Zeroes save data can even be transferred to Phantom Pain to get some bonuses. Fortunately it’s possible to transfer PS3 Ground Zeroes save data to PS4 Phantom Pain, though the specific is not explained (PS Plus membership required?)

Issue #5: 1st-gen PS4?
I’ve been a console system buyer long enough to know that 1st-gen hardware, especially the early batch, has issues. Even though Phantom Pain might come before 2nd-gen PS4, by that time at least the chance of me getting ‘later revision’ PS4 with less issues is higher.

Issue #6: Will Phantom Pain include Ground Zeroes?
Or will there be a complete Metal Gear Solid V that includes both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain? Personally I feel cheated by Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Special Edition. Fucking businessmen.

Based on what I wrote, I think I should be getting PS3 version… and suffer through 30fps and some performance issues they might not say (and possible complication of transferring save data in the future). Or I might lose it all and buy PS4 version along with PS4, but don’t count on it… I think I grew up a little as an impulse buyer ^^;


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