Drag-on Dragoon 3: What The Fuck, Part 2 (Spoilers)


Yep, this game again ^^;

Apparently, the worst part was not yet to come

After managing to buy every weapons because of the stupid arbitrary decision to lock the last ending route if all weapons haven’t been acquired, and completing one annoying side-quest that holds my last weapon, I can finally go on the last ending route.

I used to say that the big boss fights where you control the dragon are not fun, because of the dragon’s clunky controls. But now that I’m used to it, I take it back. These fights are like puzzles where you have to figure out how to beat the big bosses, and I think some of them can be pretty fun (not monotonous at least).

And this game’s story mode has never been too difficult for me, as long as I carry the powerful weapons, keep my cool and don’t get stingy on buying and using health items, using Utautai mode etc.

So yeah, I thought I would leave this game on a good note. But at the very last part of last ending route, before I could earn that last ending, I was treated with a…


Basically the dragon flies around, the giant statues shoot out rings and you’re supposed to press a button just when the dragon is about to get hit by the ring.

This would’ve been fine if you can depend on the visual cues, but no, this game cheats by changing the camera angles wildly so that eventually you can’t see where the dragon or the rings are, and you would have to rely on timing alone, which is about 4 beats (leg taps) after the first ring was initially shot.

And if you fail even once? You would have to restart all over again, which took pretty long time because of the loading times and the beginning part.

After trying it out for the whole night, I finally gave up.

And so I cheated

How? Someone made this video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22538673

Basically he took the previous video and added motion graphics to it, making it look like an actual rhythm game.

To use the video, you somehow have to synch what’s on the video with what’s on your TV screen (by pausing, visual and sound cues). Then you play by looking at the markers on the video instead of the TV.

Using this video got me further than I ever reached if I were to play it legit. So yeah, for me this seems to be the only way without tearing my hair out ^^;

I fixed the video a bit

But there are some problems with the video. Assuming that I can trust my skill on pressing the button to match the markers, a few of the marker timings on the later part are stricter even on a good synch.

Maybe this is because the video is depending on the player (who beat this) to make perfect presses. But there might be times where he pressed slightly late, and if we were to follow him we would press even later and cross the failure range.

I think one particularly bad timing is at 6:45, which is the second last note. I would often reach this part only to fail there. At first I thought I pressed too early.

So I downloaded the video, opened it in iMovie and adjusted the timing a bit. It turns out (for me) that that particular marker was too slow and if I followed it I would press late.

The original creator of this video could definitely adjust the timings a bit here and there through experimentation so that the timing could be more lax. But while we wait, I uploaded my version:

I managed to beat the game with my version, and I even beat it a few more times just to check if the timing is okay. The part at 6:45 has become okay but I still fail sometimes at the part where everyone is dancing.

No Platinum yet

I still haven’t beaten some of the side quests. I expect that some of them are gonna be a pain in the ass. Then I would need to upgrade every weapons too, which means grind and grind.

I decided to take a break for now -.-

I don’t know if I should be angry or happy

I really wanted to cry at this part for various reasons. It’s a very surreal gaming moment (the only thing that came close to this is Metal Gear Solid 1-4, but that is of a different kind). Well, maybe because I never played the previous Drag-on Dragoon and Nier.

But yeah, this is one of those shits that Japanese people make that no other part of the world could seem to pull off.


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