Drag-on Dragoon 3 All Quests Completed!


After struggling last night, I managed to complete all side-quests and earn the gold trophy!

The hardest one to beat has to be the last survival challenge. It’s comprised of 10 stages and the most difficult one is actually the second last stage.

That stage has 5 Ogres that, once they start running toward you, will fervently chase after you and swing their weapon wide. You gotta jump or dodge right when they swing or you’ll get hit, just running away won’t do! (since they also run faster than you)

They are possessed by Spirits and therefore become much stronger. Jump + triangle attack can bring out these Spirits from the Ogres (you’re supposed to fish them out and kill them before they go back into the Ogres), but I was level 53 and 2 swipes from the Ogres brought me to critical health -.-”

In the end I chipped them to death by using chakram weapon’s snipe attack (I don’t know how long it took but I felt like quite a long time -_-“).

As for the other quests, I was expecting some to be hellish, but they end up not to be too difficult, although some still took me a few tries. In my opinion, the quest to get the last chakram was still the hardest (besides the last survival challenge).

I’m left with the last gold trophy which is to upgrade all weapons to max level (4). I can either wait for the extra mission DLCs (they are a good source of gold) or grind now.

Actually, I’m not sure if I should buy the extra mission DLCs and just left the trophy completion below 100%. The whole thing would cost me 2,400 yen… -_-“


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