Drag-on Dragoon 3 Platinum


So yeah, I decided to just grind out the upgrade all weapons trophy.

The fastest way to gain money needed for upgrades seems to be with Country of Sand’s payday stage. Basically destroy the giant boss quickly and then eliminate all the Gold Soldiers (6 of them), all with maxed strongest spear. To play this stage each time, you would need to play 3 side-quests of Country of Sand first. The first side-quest is pretty easy that I can complete it without much thinking, so I always pick that one.

At first I tried to grind while watching anime at the same time, like what I did with Kamen Rider Battride War’s ‘ride bike for 555km’ trophy, but it didn’t turn out very well; unlike Kamen Rider one, I can’t use just my peripheral vision for this game.

Instead, I listened to the entire Nier OST while grinding the whole thing. I reached 25th of the 38 tracks when I’m done (though I repeated some songs that I like).


I’m interested to check out Nier now, which seems to be the spiritual successor of Drag-on Dragoon. And some people I know have been raving about the music and I gotta admit they’re nice. And it seems Nier is similar to this game in that they’re ‘a mediocre game in one sense but a masterpiece in another’.

After upgrading all weapons and receiving the trophy, I also received a Zero outfit that allows her to stay in Utautai mode for like forever. Not really useful at this point of time, but I guess I can use it to grind her level with the last survival challenge (I’m still level 57 now, not sure what the max level is…)

But yeah, another Platinum down and I can finally move on to my next backlog. It’s still in the air whether I would get the extra mission DLCs to get the remaining trophies (probably I will… ^^;)


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