MGS4 progress check


So I just sped-run my existing playthrough.

It turns out that I have only obtained these emblems:

– Wolf
– Octopus
– Pigeon
– Blue bird
– Hawk
– Tortoise
– Rabbit
– Gecko
– Scarab
– Frog
– Inchworm
– Lobster
– Hyena
– Scorpion
– Tarantula

Which is just 15 out of 40 emblems (37.5%). Pretty bad… -_-”

I also missed 2 out of 65 (normal) weapons needed for the get all weapons trophy:

– Mk. 23

These weapons can only be gotten in specific locations in the game. Gotta say I could’ve gotten them in this playthrough but oh well.

More severely, I’m still missing 15 out of 43 iPod tracks:

– The Fury
– Rock me baby
– Bon Dance
– Shin bokura no taiyou
– Test subject’s duality
– One night in neo kobe city
– Bio hazard
– Flowing destiny
– Old LA 2040
– Policenauts end title
– Beyond the bounds
– Yell dead cell
– Metal gear document remix
– Big boss
– Snake eater

I was apparently in the middle of a ‘chicken run’ (the time-sinking impossibly noob run) before I stopped. Suffice to say I sabotaged the run but well, the problem is I also have forgotten my progress so it’s better to start over, I guess (and I seem to have gotten a few of the emblems that could be obtained alongside a chicken run, so that’s a few things off my mind).

The corpse camo can be gotten at the end of a playthrough by getting 51 or above continues. Similarly, I could’ve gotten it in this playthrough (there are two holes in Act 4 where you can just drop to death over and over again).

Anyway, I can either move on to another game, or I were to continue with this game, I should plan my next playthrough… -_-“

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