MGS4 on counting…


I tend to lose track while I’m counting lol.

Usually it’s the ‘Have I counted this step? Or haven’t I?’

But sometimes it’s the more severe one like ‘what was the count?’ ^^;

The solution I found for myself is really just to say the count out clearly (I wouldn’t say it’s loud). Somehow I can readily retrieve my last count (that I said out clearly) in my memory.

Anyway, these emblems:

– Bear, 100 grabs
– Ant, 50 body searches
– Gibbon, 50 hold-ups (freeze!s)

can’t be checked on mission briefing stats. I’m pretty sure I have counted correctly and I did extras just to be safe. This is made worse because it’s hard to tell whether you can do each of them consecutively on the same soldier.

But I just consider them done and let’s see whether I get them at the end of the playthrough.

Still left with these:

– get more than 150 alerts
– over 500 kills
– over 50 continues
– use over 50 recovery items
– Eagle, 150 headshots
– Hog, 10 combat highs (fire a gun 100 times in under a minute while in Alert Status)
– Hyena, pick up 400 dropped weapons
– Bee, syringe 50 times (can just keep doing it on one enemy)

With the exception of Bee, they all can be checked in briefing stats, though.


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