MGS4 playthrough plan


I’ll be starting a new playthrough and my goals are:

Get the remaining weapons
I’m missing two weapons required for collecting all the weapons trophy. Those two are VSS (found in small building in Confinement Facility in Act 2) and Mk.23 (underneath truck north of Helipad in Act 4). I should then get the trophy at the end of the playthrough.

Game over 51 times
This is required to get corpse camo needed for the trophy. Basically I just have to keep dropping into a hole in Act 4. I would then get the camo at the end of the playthrough, and be able to get the trophy at next playthrough.

Get the remaining iPod tracks
Although I don’t have to do it in this playthrough, this is just to keep things off my mind.

Here’re the songs I’m missing and their locations:

– The Fury, Act 2, Cave Valley Village, burned building
– Rock Me Baby, Act 2, Confinement Village, small island on the south east
– Bon Dance, Act 2, Marketplace, destroyed stall
– Shin Bokura no Taiyou, Act 3, Briefing, kitchen upstairs
– Test Subject’s Duality, Act 3, Midtown S Sector, road on the east of starting point
– One Night in Neo Kobe City, Act 3, Midtown S Sector, hold-up a PMC soldier with a gun outside the park and perform a search on him
– Bio Hazard, Act 3, Midtown NE Section, body search on resistance member on PMC uniform
– Flowing Destiny, Act 4, Canyon, small hole in the wall to your left just before you reach the exit zone
– Old L.A. 2040, Act 4, put the password 78925 in Otacon’s computer
– Policenauts End Title, Act 4, put the password 13462 in Otacon’s computer
– Beyond the Bounds, Act 4, Tank Hanger room on upper floor after you open the door with the Mk. II
– Yell Dead Cell, Act 4, Casting Facility North, it is just before you reach the exit after the conveyor belt on the far right
– Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (The Document Remix), Act 5, Bow Ship, it is under the hatch to the left at the beginning of the Act

There are two additional songs that can only be gotten by earning Big Boss Emblem and all 40 emblems respectively, but there are the ones I need to find. Also, it seems I can’t get both Old L.A. 2040 and Polinauts End Title in one playthrough.

Collect chaff grenades
Having chaff grenades is very advantageous for future Big Boss Emblem run especially during Act 4. Chaff grenades are very scarce and I personally have 0 chaff grenades now. Their locations:

– Act 1, Akiba in Advent Place << might not bother with this
– Act 2, Confinement Facility
– Act 2, Marketplace
– Act 3, Eastern Europe << might not bother with this
– Act 4, Helipad

It seems you can only carry up to 10 chaff grenades for the Big Boss Emblem run (since you need to do it in hardest difficulty with restricted item capacity).

Get the flashbacks trophy
Basically I have to watch all cutscenes and press circle button whenever the icon appear to trigger flashbacks. To be safe I should just keep pressing circle button during cutscenes (though I might get tired). Why am I doing this now? Because it helps for the chicken run, which I’m also doing in this playthrough.

So what the hell is chicken run?
It’s a run where you have to be impossibly noob to get Chicken Emblem at the end of the playthrough.

You have to:
– beat the game for over 35 hours << that's 7 hours per Act and that's why I should just watch the cutscenes
– get more than 150 alerts
– over 500 kills
– over 50 continues << corpse camo
– use over 50 recovery items

Getting chicken emblem also automatically get these emblems that I have not gotten:

– Giant Panda, over 30 hours of playthrough
– Cow, over 100 alerts
– Crocodile, over 400 kills
– Pig, use over 50 recovery items

I also should attempt to get these emblems:

– Eagle, 150 headshots
– Hog, 10 combat highs (fire a gun 100 times in under a minute while in Alert Status)
– Hyena, pick up 400 dropped weapons
– Bear, 100 grabs
– Ant, 50 body searches
– Gibbon, 50 hold-ups (freeze!s)
– Bee, syringe 50 times (can just keep doing it on one enemy)

What this all means:

– Watch all cutscenes. Mash circle button
– Playthrough over 35 hours

Act 1

– Go to PMC infinite respawn point before Advent Palace,
– Alert x 150, headshot x 150, pick weapon x 400, kill x 500
– 10 combat highs
– Find a lone soldier and hold up x 50, search x 50, grab x 100, syringe x 50
– Claymore oneself and ration x 50

Act 2
– cave valley: find song
– confinement facility: find weapon, song, chaff
– marketplace: find song, chaff

Act 3
– briefing: find song
– midtown s: find song x 2
– midtown ne: find song

Act 4
– helipad: find weapon, chaff
– drop in hole x 51
– find songs (canyon, computer, tank hanger, casting facility north)

Act 5
– bow ship: find song

By writing this plan, at least I shouldn’t get all confused while playing ^^;

I should get two trophies at the end of this playthrough, another trophy on the next, then I would need half a dozen of playthroughs (some of the emblems are exclusive + Big Boss run) to get the last trophy -.-”

But can I finish before Ground Zeroes? Doubt it, and I might even gave up along the way, but at least I wrote this down so I knew what to do if I were to resume again ^^;


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