MGS4 Flashback Mania + plan for BBE


I did another semi-quick playthrough while getting Assassin emblem along the way.

I followed this video to see which flashback I was missing:

The Flashback Mania trophy apparently popped up for me at the end of Act 4 during hidden flashbacks. I actually know there are hidden flashbacks there, but I apparently missed the early part… -.-;

But yeah, I have gotten the trophy, and I’m now left with the last one, the ‘collect all songs’ trophy which actually means ‘get all 40 emblems’ in the game.

So pretty soon I have to do the run for Big Boss Emblem (BBE), which is the most prestigious emblem in the game. It requires me to go through the highest difficulty with 0 alert, 0 kill, 0 continue, 0 health item, no special item (stealth and bandana) etc under 5 hours.

I’ve actually done this before so I think I can do it.

I even still remember some of the tips:

– Save after entering each area.
– Make multiple saves, e.g. start-of-chapter saves
– In on-rail shooting sequences, make a new save after entering new area, then check stats in mission briefing whether you accidentally made a kill
– Use solar gun instead of tranquilizer gun if you can. You can’t buy tranquilizer bullets in hardest difficulty.
– Use militia or rebel outfits accordingly in first two chapters to save time.
– In Act 3, you can save after the person you’re following leaves the area. It will record that the person has left the area, but not your time. Then you can load the save and speed through, saving time.
– Use chaff grenades to speed through Act 4
– There is a DLC camo that reduces damage that is okay to be used
– You can kill the BB unit in beast form with lethal means, but not the beauty form

The only thing I kinda forgot is how difficult the boss battles are. Hope they’re not too difficult… ^^;

Apparently I still don’t have the rebel outfit that can be helpful in Act 2, so I’m gonna do one more playthrough while getting other emblem (Centipede) before attempting BBE run.

Edit: after testing, apparently if you put someone to sleep and they fall to their death, it doesn’t count as a kill. I remember being paranoid about this ^^;

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