MGS4 remaining playthroughs + MGSV open-world


Just beat Centipede playthrough and checked how many playthroughs I still need to do.

Turns out to be five:

– Spider: less than 75 alerts, 250 kills and above, 25 continues and above
– Jaguar: 75 alerts and above, less than 250 kills, less than 25 continues
– Panther: 75 alerts and above, 250 kills and above, less than 25 continues
– Leopard: 75 alerts and above, less than 250 kills, 25 continues and above
– Big Boss

Very annoying… -_-”

Supposedly I shouldn’t do Big Boss dead last, because getting Big Boss emblems will net you 4 extra weapons, and there’s an emblem for collecting all 69 weapons, but if you don’t have those 4 extra weapons during the playthrough, the emblem won’t appear at the end (so you need to do one more).

I think I should just go ahead with Big Boss and clean-up the remaining 4 playthroughs later. I already stocked up on ammo etc, just a matter of being mentally prepared… ^^;

What I dislike about open world


Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes is coming, and there’s another thing I should be prepared for: a gameplay element I dislike.

Open-world games (or games with large map) invariably includes a gameplay where there is this set of objects to collect, and these objects are scattered throughout the world.

It can be very hard to find them all, and even if you can find their locations on the web, sometimes when you can’t seem to find it you can’t be sure whether you’ve picked them up before or you just couldn’t see them.

It’s even problematic if I only start looking at a map downloaded from the web when I only have a few of them left. I would need to go through every locations on that map since I can’t be sure for each location whether I picked the object or not, and for each of this I have to face the problem in paragraph before.

In Assassin’s Creed 2 I solved this (learning from the first Assassin’s Creed) by intentionally staying away from picking these objects, even if I stumbled upon them. When the whole world is open, I then referred to a guide and collected them all one by one. I know I never picked them up because I never did.

But do I really want to do the same thing for Ground Zeroes? I remember in Assassin’s Creed 2 it was pretty boring and I could’ve saved some time if I picked these objects along the way and I knew that I picked it ^^;

My guess is I should somehow document it everytime I found one of these objects, like take a photo of the map and my location where I found it etc.

Speaking of which, will Ground Zeroes have platinum? I kinda doubt it because of the supposedly short length, but I’m pretty sure one of the trophies would involve finding these objects… -.-“

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