Big Boss Emblem run diary, part 1


The Corpse Camo, gotten by getting over 51 continues in a previous playthrough, turns out to be quite useful. Basically with it you can act dead by pressing triangle button after lying prone. The enemy who noticed you (but didn’t get alerted yet) would check on you, think that you’re dead and move on. Without this camo, the enemy would most likely get alerted and there’s nothing you can do (trying to run away only gets you detected faster, anyway) Even though it’s useful, the fact I have to use it means that it’s a potentially lost time -.-;

The Solar Gun is also useful. A full charge will knock enemies unconscious even in the hardest difficulty. The bullet radius is kinda big. It can be a good thing (not miss enemies easily) but it can also be a bad thing, since it can hit other objects before reaching the target. In fact I unintentionally keep knocking out my team members in one part of the game, causing them to get shot to death by enemies and it’s game over (I was kinda worried they are extremely weak, but they turn out to be reliable and will do most of the job as long as you don’t accidentally knock them out ^^;) Also, can’t shoot this while enemy is in suspicious state and is looking toward your direction, no matter how far the enemy is and how high your camouflage index is.

I’m in Act 2 now with 40 minutes of playtime (Big Boss Emblem requires playtime under 5 hours). Still trying to figure out how to get past the first area without getting detected and spending too much time. Even though I may be quick in Act 1, I can foresee that Act 2 would take long time because of the big areas -_-” I might go past 2 hours mark by the end of Act 2 and would have to compensate with time-saving trick in Act 3 and speed-running with chaff grenades in Act 4…


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