Big Boss Emblem run diary, stopped short


So I reached Act 3 and the bike chase part.

It is indeed the hardest part in Big Boss Emblem run and I was stuck at the second part.

Though I kinda have an idea on how to increase my odds in this section (smoke grenades, twin barrel with V ring etc), I did the stupidest thing I could do. While I was cleaning up the saves, I inadvertently DELETED my last progress (which is the bike chase part) along with the previous saves.

This means I gotta start Big Boss Emblem run ALL OVER AGAIN.

Luckily I didn’t delete the previous playthrough’s clear data as well or I really have to start from scratch… -.-;

Save management is such a fearful thing… -_-”

Anyway, I kinda gave up on this game for now. Maybe I would tackle it another time, but for now I want to try other games ^^;

Onechambara Kagura Z

I was near the end of Hard playthrough, so I beat it and got the ‘clear Hard’ trophy along with ‘collect all Saaya’s weapons’ trophy (I didn’t have enough money to purchase her last weapon back then).

It took a while to adjust from Drag-on Dragoon 3’s controls. Drag-on Dragoon 3 seems to be a simpler action game in terms of battle system but I think it’s also more intuitive.

The gameplay of wiping off blood from swords to prevent damage reduction feels unnecessary -_-;

I’m starting Violent difficulty though I don’t feel very motivated. The game kinda degenerates into using Kagura’s powerful Vamp Skill (the one that shoots rockets) and then doing Blood Recovery to replenish health (which takes quite some time).

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance


Picked up the game again. I think I was in the middle of a Normal playthrough to get ‘clear Normal without continues’ and ‘clear game using HF blade only’ titles, at the same time earning enough BP to upgrade the blades in preparation for Hard difficulty and above.

The no.1 reason for using continues (at least in Normal playthrough) is actually during mini-games. And you can’t just exit and reload game, since the game automatically saves when you game over.

There is basically a save trick: there are 3 save slots and you can copy save data from one slot to another. So you can copy your current save to another slot and play on that slot if there’s a likelihood of game over. After you passed through that section successfully, you can copy the save data back to the main slot again.


2 thoughts on “Big Boss Emblem run diary, stopped short

  1. OshareKeiji

    It does feel unnecessary, but at least in Z Kagura the penalty for not cleaning weapons ASAP is less severe. In the PS2 games and VorteX (Annna is exempt from this factor though), if you attacked anything with a blood-caked weapon, it’ll also get stuck after landing a heavy blow. It leaves you vulnerable since there’s a significant delay as the character tries to pull it out. Here, aside from the damage reduction, your attacks just get slower; this can also be a good thing sometimes especially if you haven’t gotten down the normal timing of the Cool Combos just yet.

    If the Homing Rockets get boring, try using the Doppelganger instead in conjunction with Kagura’s wired knife. Better range, less monotonous, and even Mudmen are not immune.


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