Oboro Muramasa [7]


Picked up this game again.

Seems I was in the middle of Momohime story mode. I completed the ninja Kitsune’s before, though from what I heard, there’s basically more content for both of them if I managed to complete both their story modes and do some stuffs.

The graphics and animation are beautiful (you might wish for the graphics to be even sharper though, it seems they did some upscaling). The battle system is amazing for a 2D side-scrolling game. The ‘economy’ stuffs seems more complicated than necessary though…

Ultimately though, the game feels kinda boring to me and I can’t keep myself inspired to keep playing it. Even though it’s such a beautiful game… Probably it’s on my end. Perhaps because of the unintuitive economy (imo) and for some reason I have no clue what the story is about even though I tried reading the Japanese text (it’s like they use old accents or something… ^^;)


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