Still playing MGS4 + anticipating MGSV GZ


Just beat Leopard playthrough.

I’m left with 3 ‘common’ playthroughs now:

– Spider: less than 75 alerts, 250 kills and above, 25 continues and above
– Jaguar: 75 alerts and above, less than 250 kills, less than 25 continues
– Panther: 75 alerts and above, 250 kills and above, less than 25 continues

The idea is to pick two of these, play them, then do a Big Boss run, and then play the last.

I think I should do Spider, Panther, Big Boss and then Jaguar. Jaguar seems to be the least annoying anyway, so it’s the best as last playthrough.

As for Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, my Japanese copy is still on its way. While I’m pretty much capable of buying the English version right now (digital or retail), I chose not to spend my money unnecessarily >.<

Fidgeting about playing Ground Zeroes somehow gives me motivation to continue playing MGS4 ^^;

Anyway, here's the Batman-y launch trailer:

Pretty sad about the spoiler… hopefully it's a red herring though I doubt so T_T

This is as much as I spoil myself and I'm having strict lockdown on visiting gaming boards etc ^^;

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