White Album


Waiting for my copy of MGSV Ground Zeroes and Neptune Re;Birth 2, I’m looking at my game collection for games that are okay to pick up and play, and then come back later in the future without much difficulty. Turns out there is really no such game ^^; (except maybe the super linear and simple FFXIII)

I still checked out my copy of White Album though (which is PS3 remake with more ‘modern’ style). This game is actually my last visual novel game that I haven’t platinum-ed yet (unless we consider ‘communication’ games like Ciel nosurge, Idolm@ster 2 and Dream C Club Zero Portable as visual novels as well, I have those too ^^;).

Until I get Rinne Utopia sequel Ars Install on June that is… ^^;

This is one of the games that I made significant progress in my old account but had to restart again due to creating new account… -.-;

It seems to be developed by Sting, who also developed Date A Live Rinne Utopia (PS3 visual novel). In fact, I can feel Rinne Utopia borrowing some elements from White Album. Rinne Utopia is like a much simpler, shorter, ‘baby’ White Album.

One quite remarkable point is that the 2 main heroines, Yuki Morikawa and Rina Ogata, are voiced by Aya Hirano and Nana Mizuki, respectively. Although I don’t follow voice actresses, even I know that these two are pretty famous (if not very, and although one is a little to the ‘infamous’ side…) and they appear together as the main heroines in this game.

Although Yuki Morikawa is in a sense the main heroine, apparently Rina Ogata is more popular (in this game at least).


How I know is apparently from the trophies ^^; Since PS4, Sony has publicized rarity stat to trophies, and apparently trophies related to Rina Ogata are the most common ones, meaning players clear her route first before Yuki’s and other characters (in fact I did too back then ^^;).

I learned that these two heroines should be done last though… It’s apparently because if you cleared either of their routes, a new PS3 exclusive heroine Sayoko Kisaragi would appear and her appearance would somehow possibly mess up the scenario completion attempt.


Another way is to keep a save data of the beginning when this new heroine Sayoko hasn’t appeared yet (you can’t create this after Sayoko unlocked because a ‘new game’ in this game is not really a new game).

Anyway, I have done Yuki, Rina and Sayoko routes back then, so I personally want try the others. Probably Misaki (the senpai) or Mana (the K-On’s Azusa Nakano’s doppelgänger tuition student ^^;):


But that’s actually if I start playing this game again… ^^; the platinum basically asks you to ‘see everything’ in the game. It’s quite complicated in this game because one playthrough is quite lengthy, there’s no flowchart, there are conversation scenes that, unlike event scenes, you can’t check their completion in the ‘album’, and some scenes depend on relationship level or only appear at certain periods or under certain conditions.

This game even has a guide book ^^;

Basically I would need to set aside a few days just for this game to complete it. Can’t just play, stop and return later since I would be clueless when I return. Definitely need some note taking. In any case, not the kind of game I’m actually looking for to play right now while waiting for MGSV Ground Zeroes ^^;


2 thoughts on “White Album

  1. OshareKeiji

    I have my own copy of this game, and judging from a few vids i watched, its not as linear as your typical galge. This too is on my backlog list, but I’m currently doing Kud Wafter Converted Edition on the Vita, so maybe after that one. As much as I like Yuki, Noumi trumps her by a mile.

    Also, I’m about to fetch my copy of Re;Birth2, soo…

    If you don’t mind a little history lesson: Aya Hirano’s infamy merely stems from the fact that she didn’t adhere to otaku standards on how a seiyuu should conduct herself (given, I don’t agree with these, as they’re worse than those unspoken rules for idols): She partied like hell, had a steady boyfriend as well as other things that the average obsessed Heibon Taro will freak over…. at present she’s pretty much out of the seiyuu spotlight after being shunned by her former fans, but she already made her mark… after all, she’s one of the pioneer VAs of the moe boom (since Haruhi started the ball rolling on that trend)


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