Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes


Played it for an entire day after having gotten it. On my second day, and I’m still enjoying it ^^

I’m glad to report that the PS3 version is good enough. The graphics look great, and the FOX Engine’s ‘linear-space rendering’ is still present. The frame rate, although 30 fps, feels solid and never seems to dip down.

There’s only one map in this game, but this map is pretty huge. It’s certainly the biggest map in the history of Metal Gear. It’s kind of like an island with various military facilities, though there are off-limits areas, too. It’s more like a corner of a big island.

It’s said to be open-world (maybe this is just referring to Phantom Pain) but it’s more like because the map is huge and not ‘tunnel-like’, you can go whichever route you choose to take.

The enemy’s sense is pretty sharp, but basically if they grow suspicious but haven’t detected you yet, you can just keep moving away from the enemy until the suspicious sign (a white curve) wears off.

What they do to make missions harder is post a lot of enemies in the objective areas, though ^^; It’s like sometimes you gotta circle around a whole area just to sneak them from behind…

You can interrogate enemies to get various intel such as locations of weapons, nearby enemies etc. Snake’s initial equipment is pretty bare, so on-site procurement can help in the missions.

There are a lot of things you can do in this game. Such as driving, opening gate from inside, turning off electrical power etc etc.

The controls, especially the CQC part, is more like Peace Walker than MGS4 (except that you can move while crawling once again – which was removed in Peace Walker). The signature new move is basically ‘dive-down’ (and the depending on how you press left stick afterward, you can either stay in prone position or crouch-walk). This is kinda in MGS4 but here it’s easier to do with just left stick + square button.

Although there’s only one map, there are 6 missions. Only one mission is canon though. But the rest of the missions has story and cutscenes too. I gotta say they have a nice variety (two of them are fandom stuffs). Except one mission, most can take 1-2 hours to beat in first try.

Playing this game feels like you’re playing a simulation instead. I haven’t really played the latest Splinter Cell yet, but I gotta say this is like the most realistic stealth simulation to date.

Although I have beaten all missions in every difficulties and gotten most of the trophies, there are still many things to do. Basically the game unlocks optional objectives called ‘trials’ that you can do in the missions, and beating trials unlock more trials. It’s kinda needed for a trophy… ^^;

Gotta say I’m pretty excited about Phantom Pain. Phantom Pain supposedly has 100 times the size of this game’s map. Don’t tell me they have 100 of these ‘islands’… ^^;


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