Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes trophies complete


Just gotten all the trophies in Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes ^^

The Unlock All Trials trophy is, just as it says, only needs players to unlock all trials (i.e., no need to actually complete all of them). Basically need to complete one of the already unlocked trials after playing each difficulty once (for Normal difficulty, it’s usually to ‘mark’ all enemies. For Hard, you can just replay it once again for Fastest Completion Time trial). Exception is third Op, which is on-rail shooting; doesn’t seem that you need to replay it.

I think the hardest one has to be Hero trophy, which requires me to S-rank every Ops. Thankfully, Normal difficulty is okay.

The general keys are to: stay undetected, not kill enemies (put them to sleep with tranquilizer gun instead), sprint when there are no enemies nearby and call helicopter when you’re almost done with a mission, so the helicopter will be there at the landing spot without you having to wait.

The Main Op has gotta be the longest to S-rank. I think it’s pretty much necessary to rescue every prisoners besides the objectives to get more points. It’s actually okay to trigger Alert once at the end (to get the hell out) since it’s only minus 300 points, and shorter time = more points. Just need to turn off Reflex Mode (bullet-time when you get spotted so that you can kill the enemy to prevent Alert) in order to get Score Bonus (about 5000 points).

The second Op, which is to eliminate two targets, has a trick. There is a truck near the helipad with a sniper rifle that would leave the area after some time, so you gotta get it pretty quickly. Put enemies around the nearest watchtower to sleep (so that Alert is not triggered even when you start shooting), pick up the rifle and snipe the two targets. The first target is kinda hidden, but the second one is always on the control tower. Can even call the helicopter before starting to snipe them so that you don’t have to wait long for the extraction ^^

I got the third Op’s S-rank along with earning its unique trophy, which is to beat the mission without killing a single enemy (so has to use the non-lethal gun).

The fourth Op is super easy if you have played it once and know all the details. Snake is in a moving truck, and as soon as the truck enters the building, sneak into the control tower, destroy surveillance camera, get the cassette tape, and quickly hide back into the truck. After a while the truck would leave the area and it’s mission complete!

The fifth Op is the second hardest I think. It’s better not to restart checkpoint because enemy placements would be different (there’s a few minutes at the start of the mission where the enemies are not alerted yet). Need to destroy 3 turrets. Basically plant a C4 at the nearest one, destroy 2 turrets at the base by shooting at the barrels next to them. Detonate the C4 at the first turret. Then an armored vehicle would appear. It could be destroyed by 2-3 C4s. A good place to plant the C4 is under a short tunnel (location of one of the Deja Vu scenes of Extra Ops below).

The Sony exclusive Op, Deja Vu, asks you to go to specific locations or do specific things to trigger ‘Scenes’, which are nostalgia from MGS1. I thought I had to trigger all of them, but apparently I can just speed through 4 of them and still get S-rank. It’s kinda a relief since I thought I had to do all of them and 2 of them are kinda far away.

But yeah, no platinum as I guessed ^^;

Apparently, the PS3 and PS4 trophy lists are separate, just like MGS HD Collection has separate lists for PS3 and Vita versions. No doubt to lure diehard fans + trophy hunters to buy all versions ^^;

The game says that I’m 82% complete, though. I think to get 100% I need to get all S-ranks on Hard or complete all Trials. Not sure if I want to attempt this or move on to another game (the on-rail shooting, once again, might prove frustrating. Since MGS3, Metal Gear series generally has annoying on-rail shooting parts).


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