Neptune Re;Birth 2

Noire's right arm... 大丈夫? 0.o;

Noire’s right arm… 大丈夫? 0.o;

Just tried Neptune Re;Birth 2 and completed chapter 1.

It seems the gameplay is exactly like Re;Birth 1, so I can just jump right into it ^^

The only exception seems to be the addition of ‘send-and-wait-in-real-time’ mini-game. What threw me off about this mini-game is that the character always jumps back to level 1 at the start of a new journey, so I guess the more important thing here is the equipments. Might be recommended to keep duplicates of items since apparently equipped items are lost if the character fails.

Still don’t see the ‘grand-scheme’ behind this mini-game but I guess some items can only be gotten through it. Maybe could affect the ending, too.

Apparently as of this writing no one has gotten a platinum yet because people haven’t gotten a silver trophy related to this mini-game (the ‘unlock all dungeons in mini-game’ trophy). Don’t know what’s the deal there… either it’s very difficult, people don’t play around with their Vita clock settings, people have been ignoring it or there is a bug (I suspect it’s the first…)

The get 1-billion money trophy is there as well… the last trophy I haven’t gotten in Re;Birth 1 -.-“


7 thoughts on “Neptune Re;Birth 2

  1. OshareKeiji

    That little add-on kinda threw me off as well. It’s like V’s Observer system, only with an automated twist and pretty much like playing a mix of the now-defunct Busou Shinki MMO (where you can only watch and pray that your equipment set works) and the Fuurai No Shiren “Roguelike” system (where levels reset and you lose everything upon failure). Worse, the result can’t be save-scummed (V’s Observer results can be worked with that).

    Save for V’s map, dungeon & combat system as well as certain substitute party members, the whole thing is pretty much a mirror of mk2, meaning the ending branches will be once again under the mercy of both the share numbers and Nepgear’s Lily Rank with certain characters.

    1. Helu Post author

      Reminds me of some iOS game where you read hints in mission description, then create an equipment set and pray that you get a passing mark as well ^^; only this mini-game doesn’t give immediate result and have random drops…

      Yeah, I kinda noticed the conversations are very similar (if not totally the same, not sure) in mk2 and Re;Birth 2, whereas with 1 and Re;Birth 1 there seem to be more tweaks ^^;

      So the Lily Rank system resets for each playthrough in mk2 and Re;Birth 2? Hopefully it’s not too annoying to keep raising them back up.. ^^;

      1. OshareKeiji

        No, the Lily Rank is permanent for both. Thankfully the Rank-up events are intact from mk2, not to mention that the Game Disc equipment can hep with that as well.

        Back in mk2 it was all about the events and the coupling battle counts alone.

      2. Helu Post author

        Ah I see, I was worried that permanent Lily Rank = forever missable ending, but I guess they design the conditions so that even if you max everyone’s Lily Ranks, you can still get all endings, I guess ^^;

  2. OshareKeiji

    Yep. You just have to miss one or more variable conditions for one ending to get another. That’s where the shares usually come in.

    In my game, currently working on the “Trauma” ending. I remember back in mk2 I had to go through that part several times due to uncooperative boss drops. Thankfully here all boss drops are 100% and all at once, so I only have to relive the nightmare in a single run.

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