Metal Gear Rising Amateur Radio Operator trophy


Just completed my playthrough to get Amateur Radio Operator trophy.

This trophy basically asks player to listen to most of the codec conversations.

My trophy popped up on chapter 6 and I can pretty much confirm that you can fast forward the conversations; the last conversation where I got the trophy, I was fast-forwarding it.

I personally think that the developers rather overdid the codec conversations in this game. This game doesn’t need that many conversations, since it’s an action game and all. Some are backstory, some are moral issues talk, some are gameplay hints, but some are just… extras -_-;

And the long-winded conversations can be at odds with the gameplay. A player like me may want to advance in the game, but I also want to listen to all codec conversations, so I listen and listen and listen… annoyed that I can’t move on just yet -.-;

I haven’t actually touched the Hard mode of this game yet, and some trophies are only accessible from Hard onward. My thinking is that since I can earn BP and upgrade your equipments in lower difficulties and then use them in Hard, why would I challenge Hard too early without having sufficiently upgraded my equipments? ^^;

I have pretty much upgraded the equipments I think I would need though, so I’m pretty sure I would be tackling Hard next. I’m also going to tackle it without upgraded life and fuel cells (HP and MP in RPGs) since there is a Title for it. Hopefully no very frustrating parts ^^;


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