Metal Gear Rising Naked And Unloved


Just beat Hard mode. It apparently wasn’t as hard as I expected ^^

Probably it’s because I’m using fully upgraded Fox Blade, which may be overpowered ^^; This blade has a (big) chance of cutting enemies, even if they are not weakened yet.

And I finally earned the Naked And Unloved title, which can be gotten by completing Hard without upgrading life and fuel gauges. This title is kinda controversial because once you upgraded your life and fuel gauges, you can’t ‘un-upgrade’ them, hence it’s missable. Although you can ‘start a new game’ that somehow keeps your etc collection, you would still lose your upgrades and battle rankings, which sucks. Imagine you spent a lot of time and efforts to get those S-ranks, only to find that you have to completely lose them in order to get this one title… -.-”

I didn’t earn any trophy though. There are trophies for beating bosses in Hard without taking any damage, but I got hit in every of the fights ^^; I suppose I can now go to chapter select and keep trying the boss fights… or see what the Revengeance difficulty is all about…


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